The second Solebloc Sneaker Festival, took place in Glasgow at the weekend and schuh were first in the door. After the runaway success of last year’s event, we returned with a pimped version of our retro arcade.

What’s Solebloc all about then? It’s all about the love of trainers. A place where like-minded sneakerheads get together to appreciate collections, lust after limited editions and buy some hard to find pairs. Streetwear brands, cleaning products and customisation were also big attractions on the day with everything from the super hot Sneakerser cleaning products, rope laces and indie clothing brands attracting crowds.

We took our much-loved schuh Kickpicker machine back and created a bigger arcade corner by adding a schuh Ballers Basketball tournament. You know those basketball games you used to play in the amusements? Yeah, one of those.

So not only could you play beat the kickpicker to win free shoes, you could test your hand-eye coordination and win up to £200 of schuh vouchers for being the highest scorer on the schuh Ballers Basketball game. Never mind playing basketball with balls. You had to play with Nike Air Jordans of course, what else. Tensions were high and the high scorers were aplenty, but there could only be three winners. It was a close competition.


schuh solebloc festival kickpicker trainers


The Kick Picker can be tough to beat and it takes skill, determination and a little bit of luck. For every agonising near miss and last minute drop, there were plenty of people who held their nerve to walk away with a brand new pair of sneakers. Well done.

From the moment the doors opened until the end of the day, the queues were as long as, well… the queue for a game that gives away free pairs of sneakers. We know what you’re thinking: what did we do with all those 10Ps? Don’t worry about it, schuh’s custom built Kick Picker let everyone play for free.