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OH SNAP. Forget the freaky face swaps and distorted selfies – there’s a new reason to love everyone’s fave app: schuh on Snapchat. Following us yet? No? You can keep up-to-date with all our schuhnanigans by adding schuhshoes. Here’s what your missing. It’s (just about) the most fun you can have in 10 seconds.

We’ve got exclusive product sneak peeks to help you find out about the latest and greatest shoes we have coming in. Product launch info coupled with cute (if we do say so ourselves) emoji appreciation and colourful drawings – we’re giving you a real treat.

product sneak peeks and exclusive launches on schuh snapchat

What more could you want? A glimpse inside life at schuh HQ? Oh – go on then.

behind the scenes schuh on snapchat

We can’t promise you a ticket to join us on our exotic trips to secret locations, and we doubt you’d fit in our suitcase (believe me – I tried) but this way you get all the best bits without even having to move. Get adding schuhshoes for all the insider info.