schuh sos does promposals with nike converse and more

When it comes to the language of love, we’re pretty much pros. If we weren’t in the business of shoes, we’d quite fancy ourselves as cupid and/or another modern matchmaker (Cilla Black in her heyday kinda thing). Luckily, it’s come to our attention that we can now combine the two passions.

If you haven’t heard already, dramatic and luxurious invitations to Prom (also known as Promposals; yes it really is a thing look it up) are all the rage. If you’re struggling to think of ways to woo your would be beau, this is where we come in with our range of suggestions. Be warned – the following post contains puns. You can thank us later.

If you’re not the most gifted when it comes to expressing yourself with words – then say it with a pair of shoes. We have taken the liberty of preparing some suggestions below. Now, don’t worry if your artistic abilities don’t quite match up with ours (that was quite a frantic afternoon of colouring in we’ll have you know) it’s the thought and effort that counts.

Guys – struggling to find the way to a girls heart? We’d advise starting at her feet. A pair of high heels would certainly help your cause. Stick a sweet note inside and voila – the date is yours. This schuh Hot Date (currently out of stock) won’t be the only one on the cards.

womens schuh natural hot date high heels

Capture your single-sole mate with ease

Girls, don’t feel left out we haven’t forgotten about you. Capture his heart (or well, attention at least) with a pair of the hotly desired adidas Superstars. This classic white and black pair will sure add some colour to your love life.

mens white and black adidas superstar trainers

A classic trainer for a contemporary love story.

 Back to you guys again – if your girl is more high-tops than heels, say it with some Converse instead. These tasty Andy Warhol Converse (currently out of stock) get our vote.

womens white and red Andy Warhol Converse high top trainers

Some trainers with Pop Art should make you pop-ular (sorry we genuinely can’t stop ourselves)

 Last, but not least, we bring you girls a super fly option for your guy. Nice Nike’s ought to help you ask. The contemporary Socfly (currently out of stock) is our suggestion.

men's multi-coloured Nike Socfly running trainers

You may think we were ‘running’ out of ideas – but nope.

 Finally, if all else fails, saying it with an adorable puppy ought to do the trick. Remember kids’, a puppy is for life not just for over-the-top occasion proposals.

puppy promposal post

Whatever the question, our answer is definitely yes to this little guy.

We think you get the gist of it. We will finish by saying that if someone only says yes with a present, ditch them. And keep the shoes for yourself, because let’s face it you’ll probably need cheered up.

Happy Prom Season!