Colour, colour everywhere and pom poms. Lots of pom poms. The whitewash studio was a rainbow colour, and that was before the girls arrived. If you know the Confetti Crowd, you’ll know what I’m on about. Then suddenly, in a burst of confetti (and giggling) they appeared.

We invited our blogging besties, the Confetti Crowd to hang with us in a Shoreditch studio and go crazy creating their own custom schuh shoes. As you can imagine, the finished shoes were wild, and the girls’ motto of stay sassy was front of mind. It was so much fun!group-picture-of-confetti-crowd-girls

The girls with schuh’s Ladies’ Designer Claire

They’re a right nice bunch and they’re taking the blogging world by storm for a reason. They all have similar tastes, but each has their own identity. They’re fun, bubbly and honest. Exactly as you’d imagine them to be from reading their blogs, which we love by the way.

Our ladies’ designer Claire kicked off the day by giving the girls a mini master class in design techniques, then talked them through the assortment of goodies they had to play with. They sketched out their designs and made notes of what they wanted to do to the styles they’d chosen. These were stuck up on the wall of inspiration – a real life Pinterest board that was a vision of colour and fun.

The girls were in their element and got stuck right in, trying on shoes and playing with design ideas. There was a huge assortment of crafty delights to choose from including ribbons, paints, glitters and fur; feathers, pom poms, patches and more. It was a crafter’s DREAM.

girls-preparing-shoe-accessoriesheidi-painting-shoes tiger-cutting-out-accessories

Being the social queens that they are, the girls didn’t forget to stop for the occasional selfie/Snap Chat/Tweet or Instagram of course. The camera loves them.

It’s not as easy as it looks but the Confetti Crowd were naturals. They added a personal touch to their favourite schuh styles including Star Dust, Lightning, Cover Story, Creep and Proposition. These styles all come in black, white or brown, meaning they provide the perfect canvas for a DIY. They also look equally great as they are, if you like keeping it simple, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


The finished products – WOW!

We can’t decide which finished look we love the most, they’re all so fun. Are you feeling inspired? Look out for our next crafty post where we share some DIY customisation tips with you, so you can create your own at home.

Check out the #schuhxConfettiCrowd for more pics and videos of the day.