Your local schuh shop is not what it seems.

Have you chosen your Faction? Are you fighting to defend the Earth with the Resistance or working to evolve humanity with the Enlightened?
Not caught up yet? Well, let us explain…

We’ve joined forces with Google’s Niantic Labs to transport our stores into the world of Ingress, a location based game that encourages players to get outdoors and explore the world around them using Google Maps technology.
Ingress is an alternate reality game that urges players to become urban explorers and set out to discover, “hack” and take control of Portals. Portals include historical sites, parks, and public artworks. While they’re invisible to the naked eye, they can be viewed on the map through the Ingress Scanner App. They’re everywhere. Ingress is being played by more than 9 million people, in over 200 countries and territories.

It seems over 100 Portals have been discovered at our schuh stores across the UK and Ireland. This means they are ready to be for you to come and claim them as your own.

The schuh Ingress portal network

The schuh x Ingress portal network


Check out this video to find out how to play then download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes App Store. Remember; choose your Faction wisely as this choice is permanent. Happy hacking.