mens and womens shoes and accessories photo submissions schuhsday

Love buying shoes from schuh? Can’t help but take a cheeky snap of your new purchase for Twitter and Instagram? Then don’t leave us out – we want to see!

We’re on the constant lookout for customers with a flair for taking a selfie and choosing a perfect filter (or #nofilter if it’s that good) so we can share your work of art with fellow footwear fanatics. Sound like something you’re interested in? Then allow us to breakdown the simple process of getting your picture in the lime-light (get it? ‘Lime’-light, ‘cause our logo’s green? No? Anyone?):

Step 1: Treat your fine self to some lovely shoes or accessories from schuh.

Step 2: Pop those bad boys on and check out how good you look in the mirror.

Step 3: Done with the mirror? Grab your phone or camera and take a snap of your new purchase. We want you to be as creative and unique as possible (but please don’t take ‘cheeky snap’ to mean anything other than an image you’d be happy to send your mum).

Step 4: Share your picture on your Twitter or your Instagram with #schuhsday.

Step 5: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see if you’ve been featured. #schuhsday happens every Tuesday but we’re more than happy to take submissions all week.

Can’t wait to see all your snaps!