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Do you ever get lost in a world of make believe? Are you a lover of all things magical – especially when it’s in shoe form? Does your shoe collection define your weirdly wonderfully take on life? If all of the above applies to you, you’re certainly in the right place. Here at schuh you will always find the most marvellous collection from Irregular Choice to keep up with your extravagant fashion needs.

Yip that certainly is a majestic unicorn, we told you – seeing is believing. This mythical creature is just one of the many absolute delights from Irregular Choice that you can get your hands on. The Dreamkiss is up there as one of our all time faves. Like seriously, just look at it. Whether you’ve been invited to a swanky event or you just feel like treating your feet to some unique high heels or quirky flats, this lavish brand has some beautifully fearless styles that will certainly turn heads when you enter any room.

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So ladies, if you determine your look on standing out from the crowd, check out our full range of Irregular Choice now. We will warn you now though that you might get lost in a wonderful world of colourful combinations, dozens of embellishments, intricate detailing and the most ornate heels. You may even fall down the rabbit hole to find a peculiar collection from Alice in Wonderland or take a step into the dark side and feel the Force from the Star Wars range. Whatever it may be, we’re pretty sure there’s something to tempt every personality out there. Go wild girls.