We uncovered some shocking research about socks this week, and quite frankly, it floored us.

Did you know that every second, a sock is separated from its partner? Or that a family of four will lose up to 60 socks a year?

We’re devastated. So much so, that we decided to take action, to try and make a difference. To educate sock wearers everywhere that socks are not just for Christmas (but they do make good presents).

Yes, it’s true – you can buy socks all day, every day, all year round and schuh’s now the place to do it.

We’re huge fans of the trusty foot covering as you’d imagine, being shoe lovers and all. The two go together like mac ‘n cheese.

Don’t you get the feeling of euphoria when pulling a new pair of socks on? Or the satisfaction when you get too hot in bed and manage to remove both socks with no hands? Or for specialists out there – the half on half off move, that one feels really good.

From a sartorial point of view, socks have been a fashion statement since as early as the twelfth century. Check out these original statement socks found in Egypt over 800 years ago. Loving that statement pattern.

Egyptian Sock 12th Century (wikipedia)

Egyptian Sock 12th Century (wikipedia)

They’re a bit like the statement necklace for men now, and they’re giving pocket squares, bow ties and other manly accessories a run for their money.  The humble sock is an easy way to personalise your look – the bolder the better we say. Check out our Stance and Happy Socks range for inspiration.

So enough is enough – to all you holy sock wearers, sock losers, odd sockers or worse, smelly sock three dayers, listen up – it’s time to pull your socks up. #socksappeal