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adidas Stan Smith Comfort Dots in black and in white

Every season, there’s a new ‘it’ trainer. You may have heard the word on the street over the past year that the adidas Stan Smith has been toppled from the top spot after new cool kid, the Gazelle, came along. But here at schuh, we maintain our love for the classics and believe that some shoes simply stand the test of time. In our eyes, Stans will ALWAYS look good. Read more

adidas guess the date test black and white header on schuh blog

Regardless if you’re a self-proclaimed adidas aficionado or just fancy a cheeky five minute skive at work, test your knowledge by taking our Guess the Date: How Well Do You Know Your adidas Trainers test.

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header adidas stan smith primeknit green and pink trainers

Ever since the relaunch of the adidas Stan Smith a few years back, the popularity of its numerous iterations has further cemented itself as an icon of both fashion and sneaker cultures. If you thought they were starting to become old news, you need to take a hard look at yourself because they’re here with a new combo primed for the warmer months. Welcome the adidas Stan Smith Primeknit.

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With Wimbledon reaching fever pitch, we’ve been bitten by the sporty little bug and the schuh HQ office chat is frequently revolving around the tournament. With us being obsessed with shoes, we’ve been making quite a racket about our favourite tennis shoes. Off the court stylin’ has never been so easy, so why not check out some of the tennis shoes we’ll be serving up during the Wimbledon Championship.

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Have you ever wondered how brands predict which of their silhouettes are going to be the most popular that season? We have too. Is it an exact science, or is it all guesswork? Wonder no longer fellow nosey person – we’ve tracked down the secret right here, and it’s looking super cute and wrinkly.

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stan smith

He graced the Davis Cup, The French Open, The US Open and Wimbledon. He was also approached to co-operate on a special signature shoe for adidas. His name is Robert Haillet.

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