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St Patrick’s Day; also known as the one day of the year where you can drink a Guinness with breakfast in the name of patriotism. Yes, somehow somewhere along the line, a humble religious celebration of the Patron Saint of Ireland turned into a giant excuse for a piss up no matter where you came from. While openly exploiting all Irish stereotypes, the world unites to embark upon the sacred St Paddy’s Day pub crawl and if you’re partaking this year, we have compiled a handy guide on how to keep your stylish kicks from getting just as wrecked as you most likely will.

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adidas guess the date test black and white header on schuh blog

Regardless if you’re a self-proclaimed adidas aficionado or just fancy a cheeky five minute skive at work, test your knowledge by taking our Guess the Date: How Well Do You Know Your adidas Trainers test.

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adidas superstar rt mono suede trainers for men and women in navy red and stone colours


If you’ve been steadily (or not so steadily – guilty) adding to your adidas Superstar collection this year, then get your bank card at the ready, as the latest collection from the brand with the 3-Stripes has just landed. Ladies and gentlemen; meet the adidas Superstar Mono Suede.

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adidas supershell superstar pharrell williams trainers
After taking the world by storm with his Superstar Supercolor collection, international icon Pharrell Williams continues his work with adidas to realise his next vision – the Superstar Supershell is here.

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A collection of Adidas Superstar Supercolor trainers

After much anticipation, the heavily hyped collection from adidas and Pharrell Williams has arrived. The adidas Supercolor is finally here.

The iconic profile gets a run through the colour wheel, arriving in a range of versatile colours for you to choose from. We have a cool selection of 11 of the hottest.

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schuh sos does promposals with nike converse and more

When it comes to the language of love, we’re pretty much pros. If we weren’t in the business of shoes, we’d quite fancy ourselves as cupid and/or another modern matchmaker (Cilla Black in her heyday kinda thing). Luckily, it’s come to our attention that we can now combine the two passions.

If you haven’t heard already, dramatic and luxurious invitations to Prom (also known as Promposals; yes it really is a thing look it up) are all the rage. If you’re struggling to think of ways to woo your would be beau, this is where we come in with our range of suggestions. Be warned – the following post contains puns. You can thank us later.

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Have you ever wondered how brands predict which of their silhouettes are going to be the most popular that season? We have too. Is it an exact science, or is it all guesswork? Wonder no longer fellow nosey person – we’ve tracked down the secret right here, and it’s looking super cute and wrinkly.

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adidas Superstar Trainers

adidas have been raiding their archives and bringing us treat after treat for the past year; and with classics including the Stan Smith, Gazelle and Hamburg, it’s clearly been quite the success. Shooting in to grab our attention now is the iconic Superstar silhouette.

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