wimbledon style centre court tennis shoes

The British summertime is epitomised by the classic scenes at Wimbledon, with masses of strawberries and cream, ridiculous sunburns, disposable barbecues and ever-changing weather conditions. Whether you’re an avid tennis player yourself, or a self-proclaimed “seasoned pro”, it is the biggest and most anticipated sporting event of our glorious summer. With such a major event starting today, we wanted to make sure you were kitted out shoe-wise for all the scenarios you might find yourself in over the next couple of weeks!

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So you’ve invested in a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Good choice, as they look good, offer great arch support, and will probably be the most comfortable pair of sandals you’ll ever slip your feet into.

You’re going to be wearing them a lot, which means they’re going to start showing signs of wear and tear at some point. Luckily, we’ve prepared a handy guide on how to clean Birkenstock sandals so you can keep them looking fresh all summer long.

Birkenstocks can be cleaned using lukewarm water, bicarbonate of soda, and a little bit of elbow grease. Follow our step-by-step guide to cleaning your favourite, well worn Birkenstock sandals.

How to clean Birkenstock sandals

Things you will need:

  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Suede cleaning brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Cloth
  • Sponge

Step 1: Remove excess dirt

  • Use the suede cleaning brush to gently brush both soles to remove surface dirt.

Step 2: Prepare the mixture

  • Mix bicarbonate of soda and water to roughly 2 parts bicarbonate of soda to 1 part water (the paste should be quite thick).

Step 3: Apply the paste

  • Apply to the footbeds using the toothbrush in circular motions.
  • Avoid the exposed cork sides.
  • Cover thoroughly.

Step 4: Clean using the sponge

  • Remove all the mixture.
  • Don’t over saturate with water.

Step 5: Dab dry with the cloth

  • Leave to dry in a cool place (drying in direct sunlight can crack the cork soles).
  • Finally, use the suede brush again to soften the soles.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re major fans of Birkenstock here at schuh and if you haven’t got around to treating your feet to a pair from this year’s cracking selection, you might want to pop on over and get shopping.


Fancy cleaning up your act some more? We have a few other guides for you to follow; How to Clean Suede Shoes & How to Clean Hunter Wellies

Not got what you need to keep your shoes clean? We’ve got a range of shoe care products to help you out. You are welcome!

birkenstock shiny snake gizeh ss17

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This season, like many before it, Birkenstock is back in high-demand and their styles are quickly becoming a summer wardrobe staple and suitcase essential. A bold statement, but with a strong following consisting of celebrities, a-listers and the fashion elite alike, now is the perfect time for you to join the movement (just as the new season collection has dropped; lucky you).

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Last weekend we attended another cool festival (I know, hard life) by visiting the UK’s capital for Lovebox. We were there on a festival style swoop, to make note of how London’s fashionistas are rocking our gear at festivals. We clocked the best-dressed guys and gals (which was definitely not slim-pickings), asked them for a picture and documented their style by uploading their pics to our Style Gallery. In need of some outfit inspo for your up-coming festival? Then read on below for our run-down of what’s hot, from the footwear up:

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It seems like only yesterday we were getting things kicked off with the June edit of our festival calendar, but it’s already time to take a look at what sonic treats July has in store for you festival lovers. Whether you’re jumping straight from Glasto into the next big month of music, or July is the start of your festival season – we’re here to get excited with you. Join us as we take a rundown of our top 5 picks of events this month and suggestions on what you should be wearing to each one, from the feet up.

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Men's summer sandals at schuh

Sandals, mandals, call them what you will, men’s sandals are a hot topic. Some say they’re a no-go area unless you live in hotter climes that is, but sadly, we don’t. Others swear by them and think they’re an essential addition to the summer wardrobe. From London to Glasgow and everywhere in-between, we’ve seen some strong sandal game.

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Women's silver Birkenstock Madrid sandals

It’s time for some serious reflection. No, none of the emosh introverted kind – some shiny shoes reflection. Meet the Birkenstock Mirror collection.

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Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstocks are back in a big way. Yes, the hippy-mum, orthopedic Jesus sandal is set be this summer’s hottest silhouette. Hate them or love them, Birkenstocks have always been a cult classic: comfortable and carefree with a serious life span. And, at a time where running trainers have been at the fashion front row and Victoria Beckham’s been spotted in flats it’s no surprise we’re finally embracing the undeniable comfort of the footbed sandal.

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