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rosie huntington whiteley for ugg

When it comes to brand ambassadors, having an internationally renowned supermodel and all-round bombshell is kind-of a big deal. That’s why we imagine UGG must be feeling pretty smug to have siren Rosie Huntington-Whiteley repping them this spring/summer. When we heard the news, we decided there was nothing else for it than to torture ourselves by examining her career so far. Checking out RHW all day? It’s a tough job but hey we thought we were up to the challenge.

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We know you know we’re the shit, but it’s not all about us (all of the time). Today we’re making a big announcement. Huge. This week, we become the first (and only) UK stockist of hot US brand YES. Also known as YES we are the shit. Because they are, the shit that is.

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