London Fashion Week


That’s a wrap! Another year, another London Fashion Week comes to a close and what a weekend it was. From A-list celebrities to streetstyle fashionistas bringing their A-game and woo-ing us with their favourite looks, we can’t help but feel inspired to hit style refresh this season. So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at London Fashion Week from the shoes up. Read more

schuh september issue London Fashion Week from the shoes up with womens black Converse hi-tops

London Fashion Week 2016 has drawn to a close. But don’t be too sad, for now we get to do the fun thing after every big event – look at the pictures. And we’re most interested in the streestyle, from the shoes up (naturally).

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september issue front cover of schuh online magazine on blogseptember issue bottom of front cover of schuh online magazine on blog

We know what you’re thinking; a September issue? Isn’t that something to do with magazines? Do schuh do a magazine now? In a word, no. But in celebration of the legendary September issue of our favourite fashion publications, we thought we’d treat you to our own online version throughout this month.

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As yet another London Fashion Week (LFW) drew to a close yesterday, we’re sure all the fashionistas who were in attendance were dying to pop off their fabulous shoes and reflect on their experiences over a warm Chai Tea. Whilst we’re not so sure our Senior Press officer, Dominique Gardiner, had 5 minutes for a cuppa – she was still kind enough to give us the low-down on her LFW adventures. Go pop the kettle on, take a comfy seat and read on to find out what she got up to:

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