reebok club c leather mens pink trainers

Pink, dusty pink, some might even say salmon – it’s certainly been a talking point amongst the gents over the years. For a long time you needed to have a certain kind of confidence to throw on the delicious colour, as people just naturally associated it with femininity. How wrong they were though, as we’ve told you before Real Men Wear Pink! So here’s the proof from what we told you last year and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, then here’s the reasons you should be.

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red wing boots

If you don’t know much about one of the most work suited footwear brands, then let us tell you how you’ll almost never look at getting another brand of boots again. Red Wing shoes have come a long way since their indulgence in the footwear game back in the early 20th Century – moving from catering almost exclusively to blue collared workers to nowadays where they not only provide the best quality work boots but tailor to the needs of the casual wearer too.

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merrell solo trainers on rooftop

Remember Merrell? That American outdoors brand is back to help you take on the rough terrain or an urban landscape in equal measure. Back in 1981 when Randy Merrell produced the first Merrell hiking boot, he modelled it on believe it or not, the leather Cowboy boot. Fast forward to today, and not only are they producing excellent rural footwear but they’ve stepped onto the streets and pulled out some urban delights.

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what shoes to wear with a suit shoes selection

We’ve all been there, you’ve got a special occasion coming up and you start hitting the panic button because you not only don’t have a suit, but you don’t know what shoes to wear with it either. Don’t worry gents, we’re here to help because knowing how to pair a suit with the right shoes can really help take the stress out of preparing for a big event.

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clear weather trainers side by side

All the way from the sunny climes of California, two brothers, Josh and Brandon Brubaker, decided to create their own sneaker style using clean cut silhouettes and premium materials. Now these boys weren’t novices to the world of trainers, after spending two decades working with some of the biggest trainer companies around, they were outside together, on a nice, clear day (we’ll assume) and decided to start up their own brand. Hence Clear Weather was born.

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  mens timberland roll newmarket

The small period of being blessed with a mild, dry winter is over. The time for rain, snow and a few storms thrown in for fun are now here. That means you might have got away with not having a good pair of boots until now, but those canvas trainers aren’t going to hold up too well in this time of barking weather. I know what you’re thinking; it’s only a few months till the summer, so who wants to be splashing out on a pair of boots to only get a few months wear. Don’t worry you’ll find a boot that’ll suit you all year round in our guide to men’s chukka boots.

Kicking off our fondness of the versatile Chukka boot, we’ve got the Timberland Roll Newmarket Hiker in black, giving you the perfect relaxed casual look with the added value of it being a good hard wearing boot that’ll see you not only all year round, but for years to come too.

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man wearing converse all star lo with orange jumper

Ever wondered how to wear Converse with your wardrobe? Converse trainers have the potential to work with any kind of outfit. They come in all colours and in a variety of materials so it would be kind of hard to not find a style you like. But, in case you need some inspiration, we’ve got 4 different ways to wear Converse that might give you some ideas.

Following up on our look at British brands from last year’s London Collections: Men; Monday saw the end of LCM AW16, so we see no better opportunity to take a peek at some different ways to wear everyone’s wardrobe staple from over the event.

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mens momentum melbourne mid white leather trainers with black jeans with legs up in the air

Momentum has just released their AW15 capsule collection and if fresh and simple street style is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. As always, the brand looked at ways to use luxury materials and innovative graphic treatments to produce familiar silhouettes but with an added twist.

The new collection is no different, inspired by old school basketball creps, the collection features styles constructed in premium garment leather giving them a soft, luxe look and feel.

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Base Manor Brogue

It’s party season and that means fixing up and looking sharp. Every man needs a good quality pair of shoes in his wardrobe. It’s important, and it’s true – your shoes are the first thing women look at. Trust us.

Here’s a guide to men’s dress shoes – choose your weapons and win the Christmas party.

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