Peter Werth

mens desert boots

Despite their name suggesting they would be best suited trekking through sand in the heat; desert boots are one of those staple pieces of footwear that will work for all seasons, even those nippy months when you’re smuggling peanuts. Sturdy, warm and are sweet with a whole range of looks. So let us give you the rundown on why you need to have a pair of dezzie’s in your collection.

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So we might not have Jamie Dornan sitting on our desks (more is the pity) but our very own handsome Mr Grey is here and ready for you to see. With 50 Shades fever gripping the nation, let us add another element with our very own slick addition to the mix.

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Base Manor Brogue

It’s party season and that means fixing up and looking sharp. Every man needs a good quality pair of shoes in his wardrobe. It’s important, and it’s true – your shoes are the first thing women look at. Trust us.

Here’s a guide to men’s dress shoes – choose your weapons and win the Christmas party.

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