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reebok club c leather mens pink trainers

Pink, dusty pink, some might even say salmon – it’s certainly been a talking point amongst the gents over the years. For a long time you needed to have a certain kind of confidence to throw on the delicious colour, as people just naturally associated it with femininity. How wrong they were though, as we’ve told you before Real Men Wear Pink! So here’s the proof from what we told you last year and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, then here’s the reasons you should be.

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mean wear pink trainers

It’s 2016, the days of men having to stick to your standard blacks, whites, blues, greys etc are gone. It’s the year of the pink revolution – salmons and dirty pinks are exactly what you’re wanting this season. Can we put it down to the fact that the designers have started firing out the colour recently, or just the fact that it just looks class? Regardless surely there’s nothing you’ll want more than a sweet pair of modern pink trainers on your feet.

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