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Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Santa’s sleigh is bursting at the seams and Rudolph’s raring to go but before the man with the big white beard and red suit drops down your chimney, we have one special little surprise you’re going to love, yip it’s that time of year for us too – Santa has actually came early this year – our winter sale is here. Merry Christmas everyone, you can thank us later. Read more

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It’s that time of year again – sale is upon us. If, like us, festival tickets, holidays and other fun activities have drained your funds, this news will be as welcome as an ice lolly in a heat wave. Click ‘read more’ and take a gander at our favourite picks of the schuh summer sale.

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schuh sale

That you’re reading this suggests that you, and we, have something in common… A penchant for good shoes. Like us, you’re probably a partial to a little bargain as well. Well read on, dear reader as we announce that the schuh sale has got that little bit more spicy.

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