september issue

how to wear over the knee boots 3 ways on schuh blog

Love the look of them but worry you’ll end up looking like Julia Roberts à la Pretty Woman? Fear not, as we’re here to save the day with our schuh September Issue: How To Wear Over The Knee Boots 3 Ways style guide.

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schuh september issue London Fashion Week from the shoes up with womens black Converse hi-tops

London Fashion Week 2016 has drawn to a close. But don’t be too sad, for now we get to do the fun thing after every big event – look at the pictures. And we’re most interested in the streestyle, from the shoes up (naturally).

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womens lacoste straightset trainers in nude leather for schuh minimalist trend blog

Do uncluttered and structural silhouettes make your heart flutter? Do you favour layers of relaxed tailoring in effortlessly versatile neutral colours? Then The Minimalist Movement is for you.

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september issue front cover of schuh online magazine on blogseptember issue bottom of front cover of schuh online magazine on blog

We know what you’re thinking; a September issue? Isn’t that something to do with magazines? Do schuh do a magazine now? In a word, no. But in celebration of the legendary September issue of our favourite fashion publications, we thought we’d treat you to our own online version throughout this month.

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