celebrity kids and their parents feat kim kardashian and north west 2015

From famous offspring to miniature royals, we love checking out celebrity kids’ style here at schuh. The tiny style Mavericks always impress us with their looks – not to mention the events they wear them too – and now with our schuh matches, you can get your little one kitted out in the coolest of footwear too.

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Socks at schuh

We uncovered some shocking research about socks this week, and quite frankly, it floored us.

Did you know that every second, a sock is separated from its partner? Or that a family of four will lose up to 60 socks a year?

We’re devastated. So much so, that we decided to take action, to try and make a difference. To educate sock wearers everywhere that socks are not just for Christmas (but they do make good presents).

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