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pancake schuhsday shrove tuesday competition

Almost a year to the day since our first pancake schuhsday competition, we were back in the kitchen to craft some tasty treats all in the name of competition. This time, we were judging on taste alone (Megan was grateful after her disaster with that chewed up Converse).

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Star Wars May the Fourth Be With You moving gif in black galaxy of stars with block yellow graphics

It’s rolled around again – the unofficial Star Wars day, adopted by the lovers of the stellar film series. Even for those who don’t class themselves as firm fans, it’s a day of note. Love them or hate them, the films have become an integral part of life for some people (for others it’s just an excuse to be a Stormtrooper and wear a cool suit for Halloween). They’ve even appeared on many collaborations, with Star Wars Vans having astronomical success.

The arrival of this special date lead to an interesting fact-finding mission here at schuh HQ – let us tell you, this was an hour well spent. Here are our 6 favourite facts that you probably didn’t know about Star Wars.

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