wimbledon style centre court tennis shoes

The British summertime is epitomised by the classic scenes at Wimbledon, with masses of strawberries and cream, ridiculous sunburns, disposable barbecues and ever-changing weather conditions. Whether you’re an avid tennis player yourself, or a self-proclaimed “seasoned pro”, it is the biggest and most anticipated sporting event of our glorious summer. With such a major event starting today, we wanted to make sure you were kitted out shoe-wise for all the scenarios you might find yourself in over the next couple of weeks!

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earth day mipac vegan

While they focus on creating the freshest kicks to fuel your on-going shoe buying habit, big footwear brands are tackling the issues that affect our environment by consciously reducing their impact on the planet and giving back to disadvantaged communities. This Earth Day, we thought it only appropriate to call out some of the amazing work our brands get up to when we’re busy buying their shoes.


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UGG Cozy Knit Grey Slippers by the Christmas tree - Slippers Tried and Tested

Ever felt reluctant to get out of your slippers and into your shoes? Most days? Yeah, us too. Now that the cold weather is upon us, the struggle to step out of our cosy kicks is even more real. Seeing as it’s not really acceptable to wear your slippers to work, it seems logical that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on bad slippers when you can wear them. We’ve put a selection of our favourites through their paces to create a handy slippers tried and tested guide, so you can forget squished down soles and freezing cold toes.

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toms classic keith haring flats with multi-coloured print and graphics

Staying true to the late and great artist’s determination to devote his career to creating art which is accessible to all, the Keith Haring Foundation joins forces with TOMS.

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white converse trainers red TOMS shoes tan UGG boots and adidas stan smith white trainers for babies at schuh

Is it just us, or is everyone expecting a baby right now? It seems like if it’s not family, friends or work colleagues presenting you with their first ultrasound picture grinning from ear to ear; it’s your preferred daily gossip website announcing yet another celeb couple are expecting. Or perhaps you find yourself spreading your own wonderful news. Whichever the situation, if you have a bundle of joy coming into your life soon, we’re here to get you all excited with one of cutest things in the world (aside from actual babies) – teenie tiny shoes!

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yespadrille womens espadrilles blog post images

Rope yourself the perfect summer shoe with ease – the classic espadrille is back and it’s looking better than ever. From espadrille wedges to our fave ethical Toms espadrilles, there’s something for everyone.

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toms one day without shoes initiative 2015 image of schuh head office staff outside with bare feet

Spot the folks at the back who want their feet in the shot…

Toms believe in creating a world where we live for one, another. One Day Without Shoes is an amazing annual initiative by the company which seeks to raise global awareness for children’s health and education. For their 8th year, they decided to shake things up a little and extend the event over 2 whole weeks. For 2015, all folks had to do was take a quick snap of their bare feet, post it on Instagram with #withoutshoes and they pledged to honour every picture by donating a new pair of shoes to children in need for each one posted. The brand with the big heart already gives 365 days a year with each product purchased as part of their inspiring One for One business model, but for these 2 weeks – no purchase was necessary.

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May 22, 2014

Summer Print

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schuh Leillani

Brightly coloured patterns and prints look great for the summer months and tropical scenes on your feet will inject some serious sunshine into your wardrobe! Flowers, palm trees and beach-inspired uppers all have a strong holiday feel, but even if you’re not going away, a pair of these shoes will brighten up your life!  Read more

Do something good with TOMS

Do something good with TOMS

We’ve got an amazing competition coming soon with TOMS over on Pinterest.

If you fancy entering the competition and are looking for inspiration about what it means to do something good, here’s a little bit about goods for good, one of TOMS Shoe Giving Partners.

Photo courtesy of goods for good

Photo courtesy of goods for good

Melissa Kushner is the founder and Executive Director of goods for good, a nonprofit organization dedicated to economically empowering African communities to transform orphan care. When Melissa first founded goods for good, the organization provided materials and skills trainings to African community centers.  Now goods for good is making those same community centers financially sustainable, by building community enterprises. The organization has been a TOMS Shoe Giving Partner since 2011, integrating new shoes as part of its community enterprises and school uniform distributions. In April, she shared the following on the TOMS Blog about her experience in Malawi and how shoes are helping make a difference.


Investing in the Children of Malawi

In the East African nation of Malawi, 1 million children have lost at least one parent. Experiencing an unprecedented orphan crisis, the nation’s children depend on the innovation and support of their community.

At goods for good, we currently focus our work in Malawi, where the needs of the people are great, but the entrepreneurial spirit is greater. Our mission is to build the financial capacity of African communities so that they can sustainably and independently care for their orphans. We do this through “community enterprise,” or small businesses that not only help finance orphan care programs, but also create jobs for adults and stimulate the local economy. We work hand in hand with our partners to strategically and thoughtfully launch each business.

In Mchezi, Malawi — a community supported by goods for good — we recently launched a chicken farm. As a result of the infrastructure that we’ve built, the adults at Mchezi now have jobs and are running a successful poultry business, winning large contracts and selling chickens to local catering companies. But that takes time. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Malawian children drop out of school by the fourth grade because they do not have the basic supplies required to enroll, including a uniform and shoes.

That’s where TOMS comes in.

In Malawi, a child’s future is almost entirely dependent on the opportunity to receive an education. According to UNESCO, every year of school can increase a child’s future earnings by 10 percent. While primary and secondary school tuition is free, uniforms cost $3, and shoes are a requirement. In a country where the average income is $870 per year (World Bank, 2011), this often prevents orphans from receiving an education. Through our partnership with TOMS, goods for good is able to distribute new shoes to orphan children to help eliminate the barriers to an education, and thus create an opportunity for a better future.

TOMS believes in partners who use their shoes as part of comprehensive health and education programs. The company acknowledges that shoes are critically important to children in developing nations, but that the context in which they are provided is equally as important. Shoes help young children walk many miles to school without contracting diseases or getting injured. One pair of black TOMS can often be the difference between a child continuing his or her education and being forced to drop out.

goods for good distributes TOMS Shoes as part of an innovative education program for orphans, and then we take it a step further.

As part of our community enterprise program, we train older, vulnerable orphans in tailoring. As a graduation requirement, they sew uniforms with donated fabric. These uniforms are given to orphaned children alongside new TOMS Shoes. Not only can children go to school, but their adult relatives and neighbors are also gaining marketable skills and job opportunities.

Photo courtesy of goods for good

Photo courtesy of goods for good

With the help of TOMS, goods for good has seen school enrollment and attendance increase among its orphan care programs, and this finding can be common. In fact, a study shows that providing school uniforms, which can often include shoes, to children who cannot afford them can increase school attendance by up to 62% (Evans, 2009).


At TOMS, we’re excited to share more stories about our shoes and how they’re having a greater impact through our Giving Partners’ existing programming for community capacity building, health and education.




The weather is finally getting warmer (hurrah!) and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to ditch the winter boots and shoes and grab yourselves some seasonal shoes! TOMS are the perfect choice: lightweight, simple and summery! We’ve just had some ace styles drop from the summer collection, including the above neon crochet number, a totally tropical flower print and a stripy espadrille.

The best thing about TOMS is that not only do they look great, they also have charitable credentials. The TOMS One for One Movement helps a person in need with every product sold. This means that for every pair of TOMS sold, they will donate a pair of specially designed shoes to a child who needs them. Shoe distributions are often also paired with education about hygiene and healthy behaviours. Talk about worthwhile.

So what are you waiting for? There are loads of styles to choose from, from the classic espadrille look to lace up styles like the brand new Paseos, an exclusive gents style! Shop all TOMS here.

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