v festival 2015 main stage night

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to be soaking up the sun (and absorbing the rain) at the amazing V Festival in Chelmsford. Taking in the atmosphere and doing some serious style spotting, we spent the day seeing amazing artists (hello Sir Tom Jones), enjoying the atmosphere and musing festival looks. On a day when temperatures reached a tropical 30 degrees, it’s a miracle that people weren’t donning bikinis at the main stage. Some people did – but enough about us.

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Ah January, it can be a long month. Dull days without the aid of festive decoration to lighten the place up, less partying, less presents and you’re back at work – a few of you might even be back at work on a detox *shudder*. But in the immortal words of Bryan Adams, don’t give up. If you feel you’re lagging behind, join us now as we fire some inspirational quotes* your way to lift your mood and get you pumped into February.

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Rubber Converse

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without fake blood and pumpkins, and it seems we’re catching up with our American friends in how early these goodies begin to appear. It’s a fun holiday that everyone can get involved in – and who doesn’t enjoy dressing up? Or even better, if you have kids, eating their sweets after a long night of trick or treating!

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