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birkenstock shiny snake gizeh ss17

Shop | Gizeh Shiny Snake

This season, like many before it, Birkenstock is back in high-demand and their styles are quickly becoming a summer wardrobe staple and suitcase essential. A bold statement, but with a strong following consisting of celebrities, a-listers and the fashion elite alike, now is the perfect time for you to join the movement (just as the new season collection has dropped; lucky you).

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Solillas Menorcan Sandals

With rays of sun starting to poke through the clouds as we roll in to spring, it’s a perfect time to introduce you to a brand that you’ll be seeing a lot of this summer.  So, say hi to Solillas. Read more

womens gladiator sandals blog header


There are many trends that come and go, yet the gladiator sandal trend is a powerful one that conquers all. Every year, its summer revival brings joy to our inner Grecian goddess. If Russell Crowe had you at “My name is Maximums Decimus Meidius…” – yip, ultimate swoon, you’d best take a look at our gladiator lust-list, we’re certain it’s a list even he would approve.

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DO NOT BE ALARMED – that big bright ball in the sky is the sun. Dare we say it? Summer is coming. Coachella always inspires our future wardrobe choices, and the first weekend of the 2016 festival didn’t disappoint. Get inspired for this summer with the help of this gorgeous lot.

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bella thorne wearing white juju jellies babe sandals

When it comes to Bella Thorne, there’s a lot to be envious of. From her gorgeous looks, teen celeb status and red-headed locks, life is pretty good for the rising American starlet. When she was pictured at a festival pool party at this year’s Coachella, looking all long-limbed and lovely, we wanted to steal her style (and also her long legs and abs obv).

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schuh festival june calendar

One of our favourite things about the summer, festivals are a highlight. If you ever needed an excuse to spend a weekend in a field, socialising, being merry and seeing your favourite acts then this is it. Naturally, we start planning our outfits from the feet up well in advance, so this summer, we’ve decided to bring you a series of Festival Calendars to keep you up-to-date on what we’ll be wearing, and who we’re most excited to see at each outing. First up, we have Field Day, Isle of Wight, Download and Glastonbury – welcome to the June Edit.

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womens l by miss l fire at schuh

If you love retro-inspired, Hollywood glamour reminiscent of the golden 1940s and 1950s eras, then look no further. Hot off the sun-soaked Hollywood Boulevard, stylish brand L by Miss L-Fire has landed at schuh.

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Women's silver Birkenstock Madrid sandals

It’s time for some serious reflection. No, none of the emosh introverted kind – some shiny shoes reflection. Meet the Birkenstock Mirror collection.

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Dreaming of... pool parties.

Another Friday arrives, another working week is done and we’re one step closer to our favourite season – summer. One look at this new pool slide from Nike and we were transported to somewhere warm, dreaming of a chilled pool party. The appearance of a favourite summer sandal of ours practically had us getting the paddling pool out in the office and stripping off there and then.

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