All of the competition prize shoes held together

Let’s face it, this year has been pretty bleak. After a spell of disastrous events, many people have even deemed 2016 the worst year ever. But here at schuh, we like to see the silver linings – to focus on the good stuff. And when it comes to shoes, there’s been some really good stuff. We’ve seen classic trainer revivals, major throw-backs, new ‘it’ shoes and a whole host of trends. Have a read as we run you through the most hyped shoes of the year. 

Hand holding a white leather Reebok Classic

Reebok Classic mens trainer in blue

This year, the Reebok Classic has been serving serious throw-back vibes, taking us right back to the 80s. Whether you’re a fan of the classic white leather, or are mad about all the fresh new colour-ways, there’s no doubt you’ll have seen these around. They’ve been adopted by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendrick Lamar, so they’ve got the seal of approval.

Hand holding the adidas Gazelle in purple

Hand wearing christmas jumper holding grey adidas Gazelle

Every year has an ‘it’ trainer, and this year the adidas Gazelle took the crown to become ‘the new Stan Smith’. Throughout the year we’ve seen literally every colour-way under the sun appear, and we want them all!

Hand holding Vans Old Skools in black and white

The Vans Old Skool  earned serious cool points, taking its place as the fash-pack’s favourite at fashion weeks around the world. This shoe was pretty much the un-official fashion blogger uniform of 2016.

Hand holding adidas NMD's in red primeknit

Adidas NMD_xr1 in black tonal prime-knit

It’s also been a year for big releases – if you’ve missed the NMD hype, where have you been? They’re the shoes that everyone’s been rushing to get their hands on this year, with each release being hotter than the next. If you haven’t added these to your Christmas list yet, you should probably get on it, because they fly out!

Hand holding Puma Suede Platform Elemental in black shaggy suede

Handing wearing christmas jumper holding PUMA suede trainer

PUMA have caused some excitement too – after the success of the Fenty collab, basically everything creeper-ish has been a major hit. PUMA is another brand that has had a bit of a revival, inspiring retro styling. Thanks to show’s like ‘The Get Down’ serving up serious 70s vibes, shoes like the PUMA Suede and Bluebird have been re-adopted, and they look better than ever!

Hand holding Missguided irridescent pointed toe court shoe

Some of our favourite shoes of the year have embraced a trend that has stood the test of time pretty much all the way through 2016 – metallics. From Rose Gold, to silver, to iridescent shine, our inner magpies have come out. Metallics are made for standing out from the crowd, and very few shoes have done that better than the Missguided mermaid-inspired iridescent pointed-toe heels.

Hand holding an UGG Classic II in tan

And finally, what would a shoe year be without a revamp of a favourite. UGG Australia released the UGG Classic II in 2016, with pre-treated sheepskin to protect against moisture and staining.

Whether you’ve gone for retro revivals, fresh drops, or metallic madness – while everything else has been looking gloomy all year, your feet have probably been looking great. So, in a year that has been completely unpredictable, we’ll help you to keep one thing certain – sweet looking feet.