kids nike air max 90 qs infra man made trainers in multi

Remember how excited you were when you tried on your first mood ring and it changed colour? We’re pretty much still at that child-like level enthusiasm when it comes to novelty technology. Footwear that changes colour and reflects light you say? Sign us up.

From being as lazy as you like with road sign reading thanks to the creation of GPS to the birth of the internet bringing us daily updates on Kanye, science has really enriched our lives. Microwave ovens aside, today we’re celebrating the fusion of two beautiful worlds; science and shoes.

Whilst the Nike Air Max already encompasses revolutionary visible Air technology, they’ve supplied the little ones with an extra little sumpin sumpin with Nike Air Max 90 QS Infra (above).  Featuring infrared heat mapping, overlays become heat-sensitive so they change shades based on the shoes surface temperature. Hottest kicks on the playground right there.

mens converse chuck taylor all star ii hi camo grey and black fabric trainers

Did your mum always tell you to wear your helmet and high-vis on the cycle home at night? Did you ever do it? Of course you didn’t. Maybe the helmet but high-vis jackets would get you pushed off your bike from other kids. But now thanks to the Converse Chuck II Camo Americana, you can keep mummy-dearest happy with night-time cycling without looking like a tool. The revised hi-top has already gone through a technology overhaul but now has an added light-reflecting print to keep your nocturnal exploration game strong.

wize & ope led trainers gif

Flashing trainers were once reserved for children. No more, fellow sneakerheads, the wait is over. Out-of-this-world styling has arrived. Parisian brand Wize & Ope deliver a range of liquid metallic, LED-infused show-stoppers. Taking techy to a new level; the Pop LED trainers are versatility at it’s finest, with an option of 8 flashing colours. So, if you’re a passionate, adventurous individual, you’ll want to hop on board and enjoy the ride to a futuristic lifestyle.

Go ahead, nab a pair of techy treats and shop the rest of our women’s, men’s and kids range now.