toms classic keith haring flats with multi-coloured print and graphics

Staying true to the late and great artist’s determination to devote his career to creating art which is accessible to all, the Keith Haring Foundation joins forces with TOMS.

Revolutionary artist and social activist, Keith Haring left the world with more than just his impressive body of bold and politically-charged artwork. Amongst contributing to sculpting the 20th century visual language with his imagery (similar to his mentor, Andy Warhol), he also established the Keith Haring Foundation in 1989, after being diagnosed with AIDS in 1988. By setting up such a cause, he aimed to financially and visually fund AIDS organizations and children’s programmes, to further expand the audience of his work, and generate activism and awareness about the deadly virus which inevitably ended his life when he was only 31 years old.

keith haring ignorence equals fear artwork from 1989 in multicolour

Haring’s work often reflected socio-politcal themes, such as AIDS awareness

keith haring safe sex artwork from 1988 in multicolour

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Honouring this mandate, the Foundation has partnered with TOMS to update the footwear brand’s popular silhouettes with the late artist’s signature line graphics; with an outcome of showcasing his work publicly through wearable art. The collection draws inspiration from Haring’s infamous New York subway station chalk drawings, in which he responded to the NYC street culture of the ‘80s by adorning unused black matte advertising panels with white chalk graffiti – which could be easily covered or washed off.

toms valdez keith haring mens boots in black suede with white printed fabric featuring artwork

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keith haring drawing images on nyc subway stations in chalk

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toms classic keith haring flats for men and women in multi-coloured fabric featuring illustration artwork


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