For anyone who’s mercilessly devoured a bag of Jelly Babies, I doubt you’ve ever taken the time to check out what the little candy coloured fellas were wearing on their feet. Fortunately that’s the first thing we look at, and we can exclusively reveal that all Jelly Babies wear ‘90s-reminiscent, fisherman jelly sandals with short stacked heels.

That makes Jelly Babies the most fashionable thing at the sweet shop. What are the least fashionable sweets at the sweet shop I hear you ask. After much deliberation, we reckon it’s almost certainly got to be the Werther Original or the Fisherman’s Friend (Sorry Grandad).

Speaking of Fisherman’s Friends, the fisherman style sandal had the nerdy-cool look locked down last summer. It’s back again this summer, only now, it’s made of Jelly. JuJu jellies fisherman sandals with chunky heels and mad colours conjure up youthfulness and touch of grunge. Think greens, purples, pinks, oranges and even clear jelly embellished with flecks of glitter.

JuJu’s jelly sandals have been a massive hit with trendsetters worldwide including Susie Bubble and now these kitsch, childlike summer loving sandals are really hitting the big time.