One minute we’ve gone all Mr Motivator on you with our New Year, New Me blog and the next we’re tempting you with the sweetest of treats. This time we can blame Vans for our sudden change of heart. The Late Night pack is new for 2016 and it might just help curb your cravings for the time being. Let’s take a peek at the latest tasty trends from one of our all-time favourite brands.

Ok, ok you got me; I’m a sucker for a midnight snack (or any time of day to be fair). It’s alright, I know you’re thinking it too; why else is there a light in the fridge? Are you a big fan of fast food? Do you occasionally dribble at the thought of a sky high burger, stacked with every option possible, gherkins included? Yip, me too. It sounds divine, doesn’t it? Well, let me show you something that will definitely tickle your taste buds. Introducing the Vans Slip Late Night Burger; this classic slip-on combines your skateboarding vibes and your fast food urges in one. So, when your midnight munchies set in but you’re sticking to your salad leaves and strawberry smoothies just head on over to our website and order a pair of these delicious delights.


If a slip-on isn’t for you and you can hold your hunger for a bit longer, you might want to get your hands on the Vans SK8-HI Reissue Late Night due in late January. I’m drooling at the thought of them. Aren’t you?


You’re probably feeling pretty hungry now, don’t worry, I am too. We’ve got just a few more of your favourite snacks coming your way, this time in miniature form. Vans downsize their popular profiles and serve up some seriously scrumptious slip-ons and appetising Authentics for kids too. Those teeny tiny tootsies look so good; I just want to eat them. NOM, NOM.


The Late Night pack is full of bright colours and mouth-watering fabrics that will have you phoning in your order in no time. Check back soon for a closer look at the Vans Late Night pack. You’d be silly to miss out. There’s a pair for every course on the menu. While you wait for your order to arrive, check out our range of men’s, women’s and kids vans now.