vans old skool platform in bush

So what more can you say about the Vans Old Skool that hasn’t already been said? I mean we’ve told you all you need to know in our handy guide. Could always add a bit of extra height on the ’shoe of the moment’ over the last couple of years? That’s exactly what Vans have done. so ladies prepare to feast your eyes upon the Vans Old Skool Platform.

Vans have done a sweet job of jumping on the Flatform trend with this update to the classic of classics. If there’s a better setting for a pair of these little numbers than kicking about California with a surf board then we’d like to see it. So we’ll say no more and let you take a peek at the goods. Thank us later. Enjoy.

vans old skool platform model lying on traffic barrier

vans old skool plaform on bannister

vans old skool platform with surf board

vans old skool platform cross legged on bench

Sold on them right? Then check out the Vans Old Skool Platform right here, or if classic is more your style then browse our full range of Vans Old Skools.