dr martens 1460 8 eye vegan boot

Have you joined the journey to veganism by taking part in Veganuary this year? You know we always like to look out for you, so with your new lifestyle choice in place, we’re going vegan friendly from the footwear up. Check out our wide range of vegan friendly shoes and accessories and know you’re making the right wardrobe choices too this month.

We’re two weeks into January and if you haven’t heard about Veganuary, where have you been? For the full month of January, people have decided to go vegan. There are so many reasons why people decide to try veganism – the most obvious reason being their love for animals but some people also want to make an impact on the world and simply feel better about themselves by doing so. To some, it might be seen as a challenge or even just a case of trying to live a healthier life. Hooray!

So where does schuh fall into place? I hear you ask. Well, being Vegan doesn’t just stop at food and drink; it involves your wardrobe too. We’ve gathered a selection of vegan shoes and accessories that will come in handy when making the transition, all while keeping your wardrobe super stylish. Becoming vegan doesn’t mean you have to lose your fashion sense, does it? And of course, any excuse for some retail therapy.

First up, we have Dr Martens. Their iconic 1460 8 Eye Boot (above image) is an absolute wardrobe staple regardless. The timeless profile has been constructed using vegan materials, whilst keeping all the alternative edge the original boot oozes, including their signature AirWair sole unit. The material is also super soft, so there’s no need to break them in either. Just jump straight on in and off you pop. Happy feet, happy vegans.

Coconuts By Matisse

vegan coconuts cowboy boots at schuh

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Next on the scene, we have Coconuts By Matisse. Those western-inspired beauties can be a real crowd divider, some love the cowboy boot trend, and some wouldn’t be seen dead in them. Side note – our Do’s & Don’ts blog post will help you style them the right way, just sayin’. This Rock ‘n’ Roll country-inspired brand offer an exquisite selection of boots for the everyday girl and yes, they’re all vegan and they’re all beautiful. The Bronco and Consuelo are absolute favourites, but you should definitely check out the whole range, we promise you’ll find it hard to resist. YeeHa ladies.


vegan awesome flowers slip on shoes at schuh

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Did you know that our very own schuh collection also contains a wide selection of on-trend numbers that are completely vegan? I know right, we’re seriously just too good to you sometimes. From our bestsellers like the Good Times, to our new in styles including the Awesome Flowers (pictured above) and wardrobe staples like the Reboot. So let your inner vegan vibes go crazy, you’ll find it hard to resist.

Mi Pac

mi pac vegan backpacks at schuh

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And last but not least, we’re not stopping at shoes; we’re pleased to say that Mi Pac are all vegan friendly too. The stylish backpack brand use creative and colourful synthetic materials to take care of all your important goodies and see you on your travels in style, whilst staying true to your vegan beliefs. Amazing eh?

So if you’re taking part in Veganuary, you know you can rely on us to take the stress off when it comes to the footwear department. Shop our full range of vegan friendly shoes here.