There’s nothing like throwing on a pair of heels for a night out. It’s true – they do complete an outfit like nothing else. Talking of outfits – party season is here (yes!) and you’ve probably had your outfit picked for weeks, but do you have the perfect party shoes to wear with it?

We love to party so we’ve rounded up some of our favourites. Which party shoe style are you?

Blingin’ Beauty – style icons Rihanna, The Olsen Twins, Fearne Cotton

You like dancing and prancing, and are something of a show pony. You’ll be the first one up to dance and the last one off the dance floor as the lights turn on. You will still be wearing your shoes of course – you’re hardcore and don’t mess around. The heels are the outfit and you dance through it. Go on girl!

Show Off (no joke!) and Whimsical are right up your street – sparkly and shimmery, they add a touch of glamour instantly, and that’s just what you’re after.

womens black glitter high heel with a heart around itschuh Whimsical

Fearless Fashionista
– style icons Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Susie Bubble

Dancing on the tables? Every weekend when it comes to you! You like having fun with your fashion and aren’t afraid to experiment, in fact, you quite enjoy turning heads with your garms and shoes. Hello Irregular Choice. These shoes will be the love of your life. Disco Bunny and Trixy are basically your personality equivalent in shoe form. Bright, shiny and entertaining – they get everyone talking.

IC Disco BunnyIrregular Choice Trixy

Classic Chic
– style icons Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian West

You’re a die hard minimalist. You own at least five LBDs and another five LWDs – and what about it? You love clean lines and looking sharp.  Statement shoes are not your bag – the chic and simple vibe is your life motto. You’ll be the (slightly) more sensible one in your group, but we’re not holding it against you – you are a style inspiration, girl! Femme Fatale and Miley are your perfect party shoe – classic and timeless.

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schuh Femme Fataleschuh Miley