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As stockists, of course we want you to invest in them. But seriously, we’re doing you a solid here, the adidas Ultra Boost is hot shit.

adidas claim the Ultra Boost is “the best running shoe ever” which is rather bold, some might say. But hey, when you’ve managed to create a revolutionary performance trainer that has the approval of both world-class athletes and sneakerheads alike, who are we to argue? They might be a bit on the pricey side but we’re here to prove these bad boys are an investment to your sneaker rotation. To do so, we’re going to serve you up a nice tasty portion of technology insights, with a delicious dessert of style sustenance.


After the launch of the first adidas Boost trainer back in 2013, the brand listened to feedback from runners and combined these insights with state-of-the-art engineering tools over a period of two and a half years to create the next-level Ultra Boost. One of the key engineering tools used was the ARAMIS system, usually used by leading companies in the aerospace (I mean, if it’s good enough for NASA…), medical and automotive industry to measure the movement and deformation of objects and surfaces.

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ARAMIS system used by adidas. Image credit:

Using this system, adidas were able to create a trainer which moves with your foot, creating maximum freedom and reducing the potential of friction and injury. The ARAMIS system also threw out information regarding how a foot strikes the ground from beneath; allowing adidas to measure and identify zones of higher and lower stretch in the outsole. As a result, Stretch Web outsole technology was created to work in synergy with the Boost foam to significantly improve the way the Boost foam is experienced by an individual runner. Which then leads us onto the technology which made the Boost what it is; its sole. Made up of thousands of  TPU ‘energy capsules’, these springy little fellas flex under the weight of the wearer before pushing the energy back; creating energy-return on every step. Finally we have the Primeknit upper, which was also developed with help from the ARAMIS system. Testing showed that the forefoot can expand by up to 10mm whilst running, so a 4-way flexible knitted upper which expands with the foot was incorporated.

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Along with winning the healthy hearts of avid runners; the Ultra Boost has really earned its stripes (see what we did there) with the fash pack too. Whilst there’s a list of reasons why Kanye isn’t in our Clique, we’ll give him credit where it’s due. After being papped wearing a pair of Ultra Boost at New York Fashion Week in early 2015, he was then seen wearing a pair of triple white versions on his feet at a gig in Los Angeles whilst soaring through the air. As you can imagine, the image naturally went viral and had an astronomically positive effect on sales – so it’s fair to say he got the ball rolling with the trainer’s transition from performance runner to street style must-have.

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“Feeling so fly when I’m so high” – Yeezy. Image credit:

After ol’ Yeezy gave the kicks his stamp of approval, it wasn’t long before endless Instagram accounts popped up, solely dedicated to Ultra Boost styling goals. Some fans even started cutting off the 3-Stripe TPU branding overlay, in a bid to ‘uncage’ the Ultra Boost, which ignited the inspiration behind the brand’s collaboration with Hypebeast. And on the topic of collaborations, you know the Ultra Boost is a big deal when Hypebeast, Solebox, Porsche Design (yup, as in Porsche the expensive sports car), Highsnobiety and Stella McCartney are amongst those who have added their spin on the model.

Have we sold them to you? We think we’ve sold them to ourselves, so you better be quick if you want to nab a pair before we rob our own stock. Check out our whole adidas range here.