Does the thought of trainers with light-up LED soles both excite and confuse you? Is your first instinct “Omg yes,” swiftly followed by “But how would that work?” Don’t stress; we’re here to offer some helpful Do’s and Don’ts, as Wize & Ope joins the schuh pack.

Founded in 2008, Parisian brand Wize & Ope creates out-of-this-world streetwear products which promote individuality and open-mindedness. Global megastar Lil Wayne is the label’s brand ambassador, with other hip hop artists regularly repping the label. Fancy getting in on the luminous action? Read on for some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of your new kicks.

DO – Mix-and-match your LED lights on each foot. There are 7 individual colour options to choose from, with an 8th option of the 7 individual colours alternating on a loop.

mens wize and ope the led light led trainers in white pu with flashing soles

DO – Literally light-up your signature breakdancing move. The LEDs have a battery life of approx. 6 hours once fully-charged, so that’s plenty of time to steal the show.

mens grey wize and ope trainers with light-up led soles on breakdancer

DON’T – Get carried away and dance in the rain. The trainers cannot be worn in wet environments or other extreme conditions.

wize and ope womens the pop led trainers in silver holographic pu worn by blogger

“Ah, what a nice day; I’ll pop on my silver iridescent Wize & Ope Pop LED trainers” – @thealmondeyes_ knows the score.

DO – Casually switch on your light-up soles in front of your adorning fans. *flips on responsible cap* But please also keep in mind that turning ON/OFF in excess will reduce the power of the battery.

lil wayne wearing wize and ope light up trainers at concert

“Right ok, one last time folks.” – Lil Wayne.

DON’T – Charge your LED soles through mains power. Instead; use the USB cable supplied and connect to a laptop.

wize and ope trainers connected with usb charging led soles

DO – Ignite squad goals-envy.

wize and ope trainers worn by three girls taking mirror selfie

DO – Synchronise your style with bae.

woman and man wearing wize and ope the pop led trainers in black and white pu

Ah, technology-fuelled footwear at its finest.

DON’T – Squat in front of a bus and be rude. It’s just bad manners.

wize and ope trainers worn by man in front of bus

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Credit for all images featured: @wizeandope