We’re all about new brands and variety at schuh. We like finding exciting labels and bringing you their footwear. The latest to join the us is Yogi footwear. Let’s take a closer look at the brand and where it came from.

Yogi Footwear at schuh

Yogi footwear was launched by the guys responsible for creating the legendary Duffer of St George brand. In case that doesn’t mean much to you, here’s a little recap.

Duffer of St George was the brainchild of Marco Cairns, Eddie Prendergast, Barrie Sharpe and Clifford Bowen. In 1984 they set up a London market stall and grew it into one of the first original streetwear brands. The influence it had on the way British men dress was huge.

Bricks and mortar stores came in 1985 and ’87, and the rest is history. They pioneered some of the main UK streetwear trends of the ’80s and ’90s. Remember Schott jackets? Yeah, they brought that one to the masses. They’re even cited as having fuelled the baseball cap revival of the 1990s. Still not rinign any bells? You must be familiar with the Duffer zip hoody? In the early noughties these were the only hoody to be seen in. Everyone wanted one.

In the mid-1990s they launched their own footwear brand and called it Yogi. It was inspired by the Spanish and Portuguese shoes that were worn by the Soul Boys on the 1970s. These guys were wearing brands like Roots and Earth Shoes who were making shoes with negative soles, asymmetric lines and centre seams.


Lucas Vibram Boot

The signature Yogi style is that of hand crafted premium leather silhouettes with clean lines and crepe or vibram soles. They are made at a specialist moccasin factory in Portugal and are right nice. Luckily for us, the brand is back for its next chapter and is staying true to its original aesthetic, which was all about simplicity, heavy influenced by Japanese concept stores. Early fans of the brand include Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Bobby Gillespie and David Beckham – a pretty stylish bunch.


Rudi Vibram Loafer

We’re excited to have Yogi on board – check out the full range here.