adidas climacool black trainers

The brand with the 3 stripes pulls out one of their more recent classics from the archives and reintroduces us to the adidas Climacool. First released back in the early noughties, the iconic silhouette has always been ahead of the curve; with its enhanced ventilation and excellently structured midsole, the Climacool still looks ahead of its time to this very day. Want to know 3 things that you might not about the adidas Climacool? Cool, we’re going to tell you regardless.

1. What is Climacool?

Climacool is a unique technology that provides all-around ventilation using engineered materials to give the boot to any moisture, allowing the fabric to adjust to the wearer’s body temperature.

The technology was created using a thermal image of an active tennis player. The image showed adidas the spots that athletes sweat most frequently. After the engineered Climacool material was created, designers strategically placed mesh sweat pouches in those locations to facilitate the movement of sweat from the body and into the garment. This is known as micro-ventilation, and is the selling point of all Climacool products produced by adidas. So basically in short…


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2. David Beckham was an Original Brand Ambassador

Yup, Becks was all over the shoes back in the glory days with his shaved napper. Here’s an old TV ad from back in the early noughties to bring back some fond memories and to reignite your love for the timeless technology.

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3. We’ve got them back in-store and online now

That’s right, they’re back and ready to be scooped up right now and they’re better than ever. Coming in a couple of tonal iterations for spring/summer, the low-top model features full Climacool breathable mesh construction, paired with TPU overlays at the toe giving the sneaker some added support. To top it all off they’ve got a perforated sockliner that dishes out some enhanced comfort, in addition to outsole tooling for 360-degree breathability. Those feet aren’t going to get much fresher than in a pair of these.

adidas climacool red trainers


adidas climacool black trainers


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