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Hello. My name is Amy and I’m an Instagram addict. If I’m not Instagramming my food or snapping endless photos of my pets (my friends’ pets or random animals in the street) then I’m taking quick shots of my latest shopping jaunt. So I am here to stop you from getting green with envy over those Instagram feeds that look so darn perfect. By the time you’ve finished reading this post we’ll have you reaching for your phone with pride and shooting the best shots – whether you’re snapping a pic of your new sneaks or sharing your outfit of the day.

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Dear schuh,

I recently attended an awards show with an old friend. We tried to be Britney and Justin circa 2001 – but nobody got our joke. I think they were laughing at us rather than with us.

Anyway, I didn’t even wear shoes because you couldn’t see them. I need some serious help for what’s hot in 2015 – what do you suggest?

Forever yours,


Katy Perry MTV EMAs outfit

If Britney and Justin can’t make it work, no-one can.

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