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The adidas NMD is probably one of the most hyped shoes of the past year. Chances are you’ve patiently waited on launch days, mouse hovering over the ‘buy now button’ trying to bag yourself a pair of the constantly in demand kicks. So, you’ve got your hands on the coveted favourites – but what next? Somehow, the NMD often gets confined to the sportswear realm, leaving people who don’t live in Ivy Park leggings a little stumped about how to style the shoes they’ve just spent the last of their student loan on. Yes, the NMD has a distinctively sporty aesthetic that works well for active-wear clad weekend brunches, but it’s time to branch out. Now’s your chance to learn how to style the adidas NMD. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a sample of looks to help you make the most of these must have trainers. The NMD is no longer just for streetstyle sneakerheads. We’re giving them: pretty, girly vibes; the post-work cocktails treatment, and a weekend ready casual look that doesn’t involve lycra or gym-wear.

Retro Girly-Girl

Styled shots of the adidas NMD R1 in white

Shop | adidas NMD_R1 White

The NMD famously has futuristic, minimalist vibes. Pair this with slick styling and you might run the risk of looking like something out of a sci-fi film. These sneaks are somewhat inspired by the future vision of past decades though – so we reckon retro styling and a slick modern footwear aesthetic are the perfect pairing. You might also be wondering about how to make these kicks fit into a feminine wardrobe. Retro inspired co-ord sets and flattering midi-lengths make for a fun vintage tennis look. Add some statement socks for a touch of frilly fun and top off with fresh white and pastel green NMDs. Job done.

Weekend Brunchin’

Styled shot of grey adidas NMD R1

Shop | adidas NMD_R1 Utility Grey

Active-wear and the adidas NMD – a common Sunday Brunch ‘post-gym’ combo. Let’s not kid ourselves though – just because we’re dressed like we might possibly have been at the gym, doesn’t mean we actually have, and it certainly doesn’t make that portion of Eggs Benedict, 3 cakes and several flat whites any healthier. So, you might as well be honest and up your Sunday Brunch style game with a cool, casual look built around your NMDs. Straight cut jeans are the new skinnies – especially if they’ve got a little extra something-something. Pair your favourite embellished denims with a relaxed tee for a laid-back look. These utility grey NMDs are ultra versatile and super-comfy for a post-brunch stroll.

Friday Cocktails

Styled shot of the adidas NMD R1 in black

Shop | adidas NMD_R1 Black&White

We’ve all seen it on our commute to work – a great office outfit ruined by an ugly, beat-up pair of gym shoes simply chosen to provide feet with some relief before and after donning smarter shoes or heels. There’s no need for that though when you’ve got shoes like the NMD in slick black with nude tabs. These are the perfect shoe for taking you from the office to the bar, for much needed Friday cocktails. They’re smart and versatile enough to look good even with your work wardrobe and are a great transitional pair for when you’ve checked out for the weekend.

So – if you’ve been stuck on styling or swithering about forking out for a pair of NMD’s, hopefully we’ve helped. Ultimately when it comes to this shoe, it’s just about thinking outside the sportswear box and not being afraid to mix styles!