english brand northern cobblers fish with hat logo for the schuh blog

Traditional footwear silhouettes with a dash of witty charm, handcrafted by the finest cobblers in premium materials, may we introduce to you; Northern Cobbler.

From a shared passion between two-shoe-obsessed individuals to create coveted footwear with design and quality being the main driving points (are you getting good déjà vu with ohw? too?) Northern Cobbler was born. The English brand specialises in taking classic styles and reworking them to reflect contemporary trends, all the while maintaining a high level of quality and style longevity. If you know a thing or two about the shoe industry, you’ll be aware that some of the world’s finest cobblers hail from Portugal and England. And guess where Northern Cobbler enlist their craftsmen from? You got it.

northern cobbler powen brogue shoes in burgundy leather for men with tan sole balanced on machinery

Northern Cobbler Powen Shoes

northern cobbler trainer lo shoes for men on grey suede worn with turned up blue jeans

Northern Cobbler Trainer Lo

So, if dapper ones and twos that have been thought out with the greatest attention to detail sound like your thing, check out our full Northern Cobbler range, plus our full men’s range now.