Header image with white superga 2750

Always felt like you were destined to be born into royalty and just had really bad luck? Identify a bit too closely with Cinderella and Belle (insert fave disney princess)? If you’re that girl that demands a tiara to wear all day on your birthday, then we’ve got the shoes for you. Who would have thought us commoners would be able to get our hands on some princess approved kicks?

Of course, we’re talking about the ‘Kate Effect’. The Duchess of Cambridge’s style icon status has been firmly secured over the past few years, with just about everything she wears flying off the shelves. And now, the Duchess has opted for a pair of classic trainers that are within our reach. If you’ve picked up any magazine recently, there’s a pretty good chance you have seen Kate Middleton rocking the signature Superga 2750 white cotton trainers.

Superga 2750 in white cotton

The Duchess has been spotted in these laid-back sneaks everywhere, from the royal tour to Canada, to cheering on runners at the London Marathon, and even on days off from princess duties. These are clearly her new go-to shoes, and for good reason – these totally match her chic, elegant style. The ‘People’s Shoes of Italy’ ooze effortless cool, giving you that ‘just thrown on but still immaculately polished’ vibe. Looks like they could soon be the ‘People’s Shoes of Great Britain’.

Superga 2750 in metallic beige

Now we haven’t spotted Kate in any of the amazing new styles the brand have released, but we’ve got a few suggestions that are even more fit for a princess. Would you look at the shine on these! The Duchess’s staple shoe has been given a pearlescent sheen perfect for making you the belle of the ball.

Superga flatform in pink

Pastel pink, rose gold details and satin ribbon laces – what more could a girl ask for? The Duchess could get all the height of her trade-mark nude court shoes minus the pain with these beauties too. The flatform is one of the biggest trends of the moment – we’re surprised we haven’t seen Kate in it yet!

So, practice your royal wave and adjust your tiara – because you’ve got the rest of the uniform now! But you better be quick because if the ‘Kate Effect’ is anything to go buy, these will be sold out any minute now!