reebok club c trainers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that today’s sneaker trends are all about new edge technologies like the knitted trend combining new age soles with one piece sock uppers. But you can’t forget the resurgence of the tennis classics, like the adidas Stan Smith, in recent years as well, that has been jumped on by sneakerheads and nostalgic lovers alike.

2016 was certainly the year that Reebok Club C made its triumphant return, with 2017 really being its big year. So take a look at our handy guide to find out what Club you fit in.

Pastel Prince

reebok club c 85 pastel pack

  • Easy going and doesn’t just like to blend in
  • All about summer – always complaining about the barking month of November
  • Favourite sweets are Fruit Pastels
  • Loves a summer fruits cider down the pub but doesn’t like to admit it in front of their mates

Real Retro

reebok club c 85 tdg gum sole

  • Sticks to the safe colours but likes a little pop of difference with a gum sole
  • Practical
  • Nothing better than a good pint for your man here
  • Always has a pack of soft mints on them

New Age

reebok club c 85 elm leather

  • Right at the forefront of what’s new
  • Just do what they want – just there living their life
  • All about a white tube sock and turn up on the jeans
  • Feels an affinity with the ‘80s but probably wasn’t born then

Easily Suede

reebok club c 85 tg suede

  • Easily led astray
  • Likes gum, but doesn’t like it too strong. You know, green packet of Wrigley’s.
  • Bit moody
  • Enjoys the musical stylings of Seal

Cool, Classic and Collected

reebok club c 85 classic white

  • Knows what they want and what they want is a proper classic
  • Just real comfortable in their own skin
  • Denim has to be blue
  • Looks at people using selfy sticks in disgust

So tell us what Club do you fall into? Get involved if you haven’t so far by checking out our full range of Reebok Club C trainers.

NB: Characterisations may be slightly (extremely) exaggerated/completely untrue