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You might not have noticed but the last year or two once forgotten sportswear gems have leapt back into the mainstream. It’s hardly surprising given the ‘90s revival that’s been unavoidable over the last few years. Bold colour blocking, oversized branding and strong primary colours – the glory days are back.


Diadora have made their big comeback with a strong array of wearable classic runners. The Italian brand throws in some contemporary bright colourways for the ladies – which if it doesn’t scream ‘90s to you then who really knows what will.

diadora N9000 womens trainers

SHOP | Women’s Diadora N9000 iii trainers

For the gents, you’ve got a couple of screamers in the form of a retro runner but in modern day colourways. Pink and mint are exactly what you’re wanting.

diadora titan li mint mens trainers

diadora titan li pink mens trainers

SHOP | Men’s Diadora Titan ii in Mint or Pink

Le Coq Sportif

Another return of the mack brand we’ve got is Le Coq Sportif. The French label first introduced its signature branded pieces back in 1948, with its big moment being again in the ‘90s – a Le Coq Sportif tracksuit 20 or so years ago was an absolute necessity if you wanted to be a class act.

le coq sportif lcs R Flow womens trainers

SHOP | Le Coq Sportif Lcs R Flow in Black or Beige

Their return to the footwear game is what we’re all waiting for though, and unlike Diadora they’ve decided to go for a more minimalist vibe. The khaki trend is still the hottest thing to come out of 2016 and the brand have really taken that on board and fired the colour onto their Omicron and Omega styles.

le coq sportif khaki womens and mens trainers

SHOP | Women’s Khaki Le Coq Sportif Omega or Men’s Khaki Omicron


Yet again another brand that found its height of popularity back in the nineties is Italian heritage brand ellesse. The brand made their return to the fold a few years back and you’ll struggle to walk around the town without spotting some youngster that probably wasn’t even born when they first had their original hype moment.

Regardless ellesse has made its big return by jumping on some recent top trends such as the rose gold movement and popping that on the Anzia which is doing a fine job at rivaling the Stan Smith. Couple this with the Napoli getting some pale pink action and the brand have paired up the ‘90s with modern day to an absolute tee.

ellesse napoli womens trainers

ellesse anzia womens trainers

SHOP | ellesse


The 104 year old Italian (Korean now though) brand has recently resurrected some real, proper 90’s classics. The Disruptor Low is a true throwback for you ladies, get even more nostalgic and pair them up with some of FILA’s finest retro clobber. Feels like 1995 all over again eh?

fila disruptor womens trainers

SHOP | FILA Disruptor

So there you have it if these haven’t reignited your ‘90s nostalgia then just take a gander at our full collection at women’s trainers and men’s trainers.