Vans peanuts mens collection

If you haven’t heard the hype about the latest Vans collaboration, then you must have been living under a rock. Vans have teamed up with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang to bring you the Vans X Peanuts collection – a series of classic silhouettes decked out with Schulz’s iconic characters. You might be thinking – why Peanuts? Well even if you don’t know the Peanuts crew, you might just find that you identify with at least one of them. So before you pick which shoes you want, let us help you get to know a few of the characters that inspired them.

Charlie Brown

vans peanuts authentic good grief

Vans peanuts authentic with gang

Lovable, and hopelessly optimistic? Charlie Brown’s your guy. Often found nervously uttering ‘good grief’, Charlie is just a bit wobbly. Despite constant knocks, Charlie always keeps his head up – even when it makes him the butt of the jokes. You might identify with his bad luck – but consider that changed now that you’ve found this absolute winner of a collection.

Lucy Van Pelt

Vans Peanuts slip on smack

This sassy, opinionated Queen Bee isn’t necessarily likeable thanks to her love of throwing insults at pretty much everyone. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Some people say it’s all an act and she’s just treating em’ mean to keep em’ keen.


Vans peanuts youth collection

Vans peanuts womens collection

Heavily featured throughout the collection is the infamously cool Snoopy. If you’re always happy and love pizza and naps – then Snoopy is your spirit animal. Whether you relate more to his classic look or his sunglasses-clad Joe Cool Persona – there’s a shoe for you.

The Rest of the Gang

Vans peanuts close up gang

Can’t decide who your favourite is? Then lucky for you, some of the shoes feature several members of the gang. So you can embrace your inner tomboy with Peppermint Patty, channel your smart side with Linus and do whatever it is that Woodstock does.

Even better, your own gang can get kitted out in the Peanuts collection with Vans favourites like the authentic, slip on, old skool and sk8-hi arriving for men, women and kids. We’ve got a killer selection of bags, hats and socks too.

Shop the Vans X Peanuts collection here.