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Handy Tips on How to Break in Boots

There’s little worse than getting yourself a new pair of boots, you slip them on for the first time and go a jaunt about the town. What a time you had, looking great in your new boots, except from that blister you’ve now got yourself. No matter how many times it’s happened, you would never see it coming. What the real problem here is not knowing how to break them in – that’s where we come in with our handy guide on how to break in a boot.

TIP 1 – Walk Around the House

What you’ll need: Just your basic indoor environment.

Yes, it does seem like a simple thing to say, but we also know how you can’t wait to get those boots on and show them off to the general public. Easy there tiger – what you should be doing is wearing them about the house as slippers for a few days just to loosen up that leather. Trust us.

TIP 2 – Folding/Bending the Leather

What you’ll need: A good strong pair of hands.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘isn’t that going to ruin my new boots?’ Right, behave yourself, it’s only going to soften the stiffest part and break them in faster, meaning you can get them on your feet sooner pain free.

TIP 3 – Wear Thick Socks

Dr. Martens Herschel Collab

What you’ll need: A good thick pair of socks, or two regular pairs of socks.

This pretty much goes hand in hand with Tip 1 otherwise you’ll probably just bring on the delicious blister sooner – not what you’re wanting. But yeah, pretty much what it says on the tin, stick the thick socks on and go wild around the house. Not got any thick socks? Two pairs of regular socks will do just fine.

TIP 4 – The Hairdryer Trick

Dr. Martens Tarian

What you’ll need: A hairdryer and the previously mentioned socks.

Using a hairdryer to warm your boots while you’re in your thick socks should loosen off that leather a little and give your feet more wiggle room. But you already knew that from our handy shoe hacks video though yeah?

DISCLAIMER: Just don’t hold the hairdryer on the leather for too long, or you’ll run the risk of damaging those new ankle huggers.

TIP 5 – The Freezer Trick

schuh own brand boot collection

What you’ll need: Two zip lock bags, access to some water and a freezer with enough room to fit a pair of boots in.

Right, we know some of you just don’t have the time or patience to slowly stretch out your new boots by wearing them in gently. Well, this little hack could help the time conscious among you. First of all, you need to take your two zip lock bags and fill them with water, making sure to remove the air from the bag.

MTO Kids boots

Secondly, place them inside each boot and stick them in the freezer overnight. Remove the boots in the morning and allow the water to melt so you can take out the bags. Leaving you with a nice, relaxed leather, ready for you to get your feet right into.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure your bags are secure to avoid water damage. You might even be better double bagging to reduce the risk.

TIP 6 – Loosen Laces Around the Ankle

Knee high boots in front of metal shutters

What you’ll need: The ability to lace up your boots.

Sometimes it’s around the ankles that keeps your foot too restricted and results in the dreaded blister or just straight up general lack of comfort. What’s the solution? Simple, take the laces out of the eyelets round the general ankle area, giving you a nice relaxed fit.

You might want to do this while you’re wearing them around the house unless you’re just into lacing your boots like that. Each to their own, eh?

TIP 7 – Raw Peeled Potato

What you’ll need: A potato and something to peel it with.

Yup you read that right. Pop a couple of good-sized peeled potatoes in the boots and then leave it to dry overnight naturally (not next a radiator). Take out your potatoes when the shoes have dried and there you have it, a pair of comfy boots.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t leave the wet potatoes in there too long. Mould is the last thing you need in a sweet new pair of boots.

TIP 8 – Moleskin

Dr Martens Boots on Purple Step

What you’ll need: Moleskin/plasters unsurprisingly.

Really if all else fails, there’s no better way for how to break in a boot than a good bit of moleskin over the potential sore areas to keep the pain away. Just make sure you put this on beforehand or you’ll end up with a tasty blister and will be sore regardless.

There you have it, if none of these help you with how to break in a boot then we really don’t know what will. So check out our full range of women’s boots and men’s boots and get them broken right in.