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Desert Boots: Your One Stop Guide

Desert Boots from Clarks Originals in Beige

Despite their name suggesting they would be best suited trekking through sand in the heat; desert boots are one of those staple pieces of footwear that will work for all seasons, even those nippy months when you’re smuggling peanuts. Sturdy, warm and are sweet with a whole range of looks. So let us give you the rundown on why you need to have a pair of dezzie’s in your collection and some of the styles that can be bolstered with the best desert boots.

A Brief History

A few decades ago now, Nathan Clark (of Clarks) was stationed out in Northern Africa during WWII when he spied a few officers wearing a suede shoe with a crepe sole. He certainly liked what he saw, so after learning that these boots were favoured in those muggy conditions he investigated further. Due to their extreme comfort from being made from suede, and their durability which fared better than the thick chunky army boots many were wearing, he turned them into the staple they are today.

Suede Desert Boots

As we mentioned, when the desert boot was first introduced to the general public back in the 1950s, the typical hardwearing leather was shunned in favour of more comfortable beige suede. Since then, suede has been the go-to material for not only Clarks’ desert boots but many other manufacturers too.

Although cleaning can be a nightmare sometimes with suede, there are plenty of protective sprays around to keep your suede boots in good nick.

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Leather Desert Boots

Yes, suede DB’s are the classic and original, but sometimes suede just isn’t fully functional for everyday wear. Or generally you might prefer leather. Either way, leather desert boots are great at giving a rugged, practical style.

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Desert Boots vs Chukka Boots

Let’s clear one thing up here, chukka boots and desert boots are not the same thing. Essentially the thing to remember here is all desert boots are chukkas but not all chukka boots are deserts – you know, same as the old all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs rule. Their characteristics are similar – two or three eyeholes and ankle length, but it is their form that makes them different. Remember the desert boot has a sweet crepe rubber sole. Cleared up? Right.

There you have it, a quick guide to the handsome desert boot. Now you have all you need to know, check out our full range of men’s desert boots and get a pair of the best desert boots that will do you all year round.