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St Patrick's Day: How to Remove Guinness Stains

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Shamrocks litter the street. The colour green is draped from shoulder to shoulder. The sound of the Dubliners’ projected via speaker systems so often used to blast the latest chart topping single from Dua Lipa. It can mean only one thing – it’s the 17th March and the world finds itself once more celebrating the snake chasing patron of Ireland, St. Patrick.

We’ve forgotten something, you are no doubt thinking. We’re aware.

While it may not be green in description – when one’s sitting in work and their friends are indulging in its grandeur, green with envy may well be a good depiction. If served correctly, a shamrock too will be present on its dome.

Rich and creamy, black in colour but ruby red upon closer inspection, Guinness is a drink adored by so many, vilified by few – except on a Monday morning (although 0.0 is fast becoming a popular choice).

While the pint itself is a thing of beauty, its dark coloured tones can soon create a nightmare, when jabbled over a brand new white tee or your favourite pair of white Nike trainers or BIRKENSTOCK Bostons.

That’s why here at schuh, we’re on hand to keep your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on course – celebrating rather than commiserating the loss of a perfectly good item of clothing or footwear. Here’s our top tips on how to remove Guinness stains:

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How to deal with Guinness and lager stains on your shoes

Getting rid of a Guinness stain from your trainers or clothes can be dealt with in the same way as removing an average beer stain but, we must warn, due to its rich colouration, the longer it’s left, the less chance you have of successfully getting rid of it!

Usually beer stains will leave a white ring around their marker – this is due to the water content of the alcohol, which differs from a wine, for example!

Grab a soft nylon brush, a sponge, polenta (yellow cornmeal in the US), a tea towel, and some fairly liquid (other dish soaps are available).

Cleaning beer off suede shoes

1) Use the brush to remove any excess dirt
2) Dampen the sponge using warm water and dab the stain. Leave the shoe to dry!
3) Sprinkle over the polenta. Rub this in gently using the tea towel. Allow to dry!
4) Brush the polenta off with the brush.

Cleaning beer off leather shoes

1) Repeat step 1 from suede shoes
2) Using warm water, rinse the stain, and allow the shoes to dry.
3) Mix a small amount of fairy liquid with warm water and using your tea towel, rub the stain gently with the mixture.
4) Using cold water, rinse any excess cleaning product from the shoe, and allow it to dry.

And there you have it, your beloved shoes free of Guinness, and another successful St. Patrick’s Day (of sorts).

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