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How to Clean Vans Old Skools and Keep Them Looking Fresh

Vans Old Skools on Beige Background

Whether you’ve been inspired to get a piece of the action or you’re already the proud owner of a pair of Vans Old Skool, we know you always want to be looking good from the feet up. As we’re here to help you do exactly that, we’ve got a few tips for keeping your kicks looking mint and you looking sharp.

It’s worth remembering, though; one of the reasons Old Skools are so popular is that they strike the perfect balance between looking good and being supremely durable. That all adds up to them being on heavy rotation with many owners, who turn to them time and time again. With very little effort, you can keep a pair looking boxfresh no matter how often you rock them. Just another reason why we love them so much.

Here are three simple things you might want to consider doing to make sure you and your Old Skools are always looking good.

Tip 1

It might sound obvious, but use some good quality trainer protector. It won’t stop the dirt from finding your shoes, but it will make it super easy to remove it with a simple wipe. It’ll also help guard against marks from scuffing.
As robust as they may be, you don’t want to be cutting about in a pair that is in a bad nick.
Before you even wear a new pair of Old Skools, you should apply some protector. Whilst each different kind of trainer protector will come with its own instructions, the general jist of it is to spray it on your sneaks, give them a wipe to ensure even coverage and then leave to dry. Dead easy.

Tip 2

Getting the right protector should help with the upper part of the trainer, whether leather or suede. It won’t necessarily protect the sole unit, though, so you’ll have to give that a clean every now and then, particularly if it’s white.
Again, it’s easy as 1-2-3.

1) Cover the outside of the upper of the trainer (where the material meets the rubber) using some tape.

2) Mix some bicarbonate of soda with water, dip it in an old toothbrush, and use it to scrub clean the outside of the sole unit.

3) Once complete, dry off and enjoy the sparkly white base to your outfit.

Tip 3

Way back in the 80s, Vans owners were big on customisation. The panelling on the Old Skools offered the perfect opportunity to create totally unique colourways, some even with a different colour on each panel.

Now, we’re not suggesting you start painting your kicks here, especially when the Old Skools are available in so many cool colour combos.
However, personalisation by freshening the lacing up can breathe a new lease of life into a pair of well-loved Old Skools.

This can be done in a couple of different ways. Firstly, you can replace the laces with those in another colour (we said we’re here to help you; we can fix you up with all kinds of different laces).

Secondly, you could play about with how you lace your Vans Old Skools. If you want to move away from the cross lacing that comes as standard, try either lattice or straight lacing.