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Everything You Need to Know About How to Style Crocs

Crocs in Beige with Jibbitz

According to the New York Times ‘people started buying Crocs during the pandemic and now they can’t stop.’ 

Few things brought the masses comfort like that of the classic clog during extended periods of being locked up like Akon. 

Once a joke amongst its peers, a footwear brand responsible for spawning ‘the ugly dad shoe’, and savaged on social media with the ‘What Are Those’ vine, fortunes changed drastically for Crocs in recent years. The crocodile didn’t just bite back, it did so with a vicious attitude that stole style share from some of its most well established, consumer loyal competitors.

Crocs two strap sandals being held up - pink

Not only was the uber-casual, undeniably comfortable clog adopted as the quarantine shoe of choice due to its incredible working from home benefits, it quickly found its place on the shoe-rack of the fashion conscious around the world.

Here at schuh, we’ve long been waiting for the day when this firm favourite would finally get the widespread recognition it deserves. Dan Barker, our Senior Buyer, said: “Crocs are going from strength to strength, and rightfully so. They had an incredible 2023 here at schuh and we’re expecting an even better year in 2024!.”

But, as the NY Times said, Crocs continues to grow. They had their best ever year at schuh in 2023, and we expect even bigger things from their astronomical journey in 2024. The question is, how do you style Crocs? They’re no longer just a ‘house-shoe’, so here we’ve pulled together our top tips on what to wear them with for both men and women, keeping you covered for a host of occasions!

Mellow Clogs in Beige with Wide Fit Jeans

How to wear Crocs fashionably

So, you’ve decided on a brand-new pair of Crocs, but you need to know how to wear Crocs fashionably. Don’t fear, that’s where we come in. We suppose the first thing worth considering is, are Crocs actually fashionable?

While the unassuming clog and its range of vibrant colourways has certainly popped off, are they just a jovial statement or do they in fact tick all the right boxes for the fashion first?

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have been copped in Crocs while Balenciaga, Levis, and Palace have all been responsible for some rather impressive and successful collaborations. The beauty of the brand is it’s so versatile.

There are endless options of ways to wear Crocs for different occasions. Let’s take a look at some pairings for particular fits and styles.

Crocs Echo Slide Sandal in White

How to wear Crocs with jeans

A casual, relaxed fit can benefit from the addition of a pair of Crocs. If you’re wanting to draw attention to the colourway, or showcase the shape, a pair of slim fit or boot cut jeans in a light denim will compliment the clog without over complicating the overall fit. You can also opt for loose fit jeans that tapers at the bottom but avoid flares or uber baggy bottoms!

For guys and girls the advice is the same, top the fit off with an oversized tee in a neutral tone. In the warmer weather, introduce a pair of sunglasses and voila, you’ve pieced together that perfect Saturday morning coffee stroll get up.

How to wear Crocs with a dress or skirt

When partnering Crocs with a dress or a skirt, the same rules apply (roughly). Take a sleek white midi dress and upgrade it with some brightly coloured Crocs – a yellow or a green. Alternatively, pair your skirt or dress to the colourway of your Croc in an all-black-everything kind of vibe or keep things summery and relaxed with white Crocs.

If you want to push the boundaries a bit, introduce some matching patterns and prints or call upon the help of some Jibbitz!

Embrace your true individuality and swap your heels for a pair of platform Crocs at your next formal event!

Pink Crocs Clogs being held up with Jibbitz

How to wear Crocs with leggings & sweatpants

Whether you’re looking to style your Crocs with leggings or sweatpants and execute the ultimate lazy look, perfect for lounging at home or walking the dog, the world really is your oyster.

As we previously mentioned, Justin Bieber has long been a fan of the humble Croc and synonymous with pairing them and activewear fits. Monochrome seems to be the winner for the Canadian superstar – hopefully they can for you too!

So, they’re you have it – a couple of ways to style Crocs courtesy of schuh! Shop Crocs for men, women, and kids online today!