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The Future is Bright (Trainers) - But What Does Your Sneaker Choice Say About You?

Green Platform Converse

Colours dictate our lives. From what we eat to the way we decorate, colours are everywhere, and they have this surreal ability to impact our mood. 

For centuries too they have been used to display emotion when it comes to styling. Bright tones are incredibly important when it comes to making a statement – think happy, energetic and inspired. Hot pinks and midnight yellows are very much ‘in’ at the moment. These are hues that go a long way in showcasing confidence. 

Similarly, two trends are dominating at the minute. Firstly, colour analysis is on everyone’s agenda with an emphasis on discovering what colours compliment your look. Secondly, the bright trainer trend is booming and everywhere you turn you’re met with an adidas Gazelle or a PUMA Palermo in a bold colourway.

In this blog, we want to dissect both, and find out what your choice of trainer colour says about you!

Pop of Colour GiF

Colour analysis is in

According to Google, monthly searches for the term colour analysis in the UK are +174% year-on-year. 

Simply put, colour analysis can be used to determine which ‘season’ you fall into by answering what your best colours are and which colours are most flattering to your features. 

A trend growing exponentially on TikTok, colour analysis filters vye to understand how different shades either harmonise or accentuate facial features. Colour analysis quizzes, on the other hand, ask questions about the colours you look good in before pairing this up with your hair colour and eye colour. 

For example, when navy blue looks good on a natural blonde, colour analysis suggests a ‘summer’ palette’! The summer palette,  Kettlewell suggests: “is soft, cool, smokey and subtle, and extends from deepest charcoal grey and darkest blue spruce tones all the way to softest pinks and powder blues.” Meanwhile, Autumn is warm, rich, earthy, and golden!

With 247 million posts on TikTok referencing ‘colour analysis’ it’s clear that understanding ‘your colour’ is important to the millennial and gen-z population!

PUMA Palermo in Green and Pink with white tee and blue pin stripe trousers sat on chair

What is the bright trainer trend?

Now, here at schuh, we know all about the other trend…

As of late, your for-you-page will also have been awash with bright and bold coloured sneakers.

Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and Harry Styles, to name just a few, have all been clocked embracing the trend. Fashion trends tend to come and go, often in the blink of an eye but, for us, we believe this one has a bit more longevity. Why? 

Well, as publication Byrdie suggests: “Choosing what we wear is an opportunity to play, to take life less seriously, to connect with the eight-year-old inside who also loves hot pink sneakers.”

We all know that a pop of colour can be just enough to make a positive difference to even the dullest of Mondays.

Let’s find out what some of the main colours suggest!

Blue Converse High Tops on Box
Pink Platform Adidas Gazelle
Beige Nike Trainers


Red is a hot colour – it encapsulates fire but also represents love and passion. This should be a given considering in its connotations to both cupid and the devil. 

One thing we can be sure of is a bright red item of clothing, whether that be a dress or a sneaker, is not only bold but, it’s defiant and will guarantee to stand out. 


The brightest and most energetic of the warm colours, yellow depicts happiness and no wonder, after all it is the shade we associate with sunshine.

Light yellow is the more calming of those on the yellow spectrum while dark yellows and golds for example are symbolic of antiques and tradition.

The perfect addition for spring or summer styling!


A mix of both energy and vibrance, orange brings autumnal vibes and as autumn is a changing season, offers up a sense of fluidity and transition. If you also think about the fruit, oranges can be considered a sign of health and vitality.

Perhaps you’re feeling good, just like you should, and want to let the world know! 


It’s down to earth, it’s natural, and it beautifully brings together the calming nature of blue with the happiness and vibrancy of yellow.

A bright green shoe is enough to dictate a strong energy!


Calm and responsible, blue suggests friendly but sincere. Blue is said to be sensitive but reliable – it strikes a nice mix between powerful and peaceful!

Blue is a safe bet when it comes to a sneaker!


A mix of red and blue, purple is regularly considered a colour of creativity and imagination. WIth lavender shades, purple also represents calmness!

Did you know that purple is also a colour of luxury? Perhaps you’re looking to impress with your trainer style?

Green Reebok Club C
Reebok Club C 85
Purple High Top Platform Converse
Converse All Star Cruise

Of course, these are all connotations. What really matters is how you wear it, and we’re here to help you do so with confidence – no matter what colourway you choose. 

Check out the colour analysis trend, find what works for you and shop the entire bright trainers trend online today at schuh!