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How to Wear Your Trainers and Shoes with Jeans

New Balance 550 in white with jeans

Jeans are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing and a go-to wardrobe staple, suitable for office and weekend looks alike. They may be basic, originally designed as hard-wearing work wear, but jeans come in so many designs, styles, and colours that they can be worn in many exciting and stylish ways.

Despite their versatility, however, it can be a puzzle sometimes to work out the shoes and trainers to wear with jeans. Pairing up some of your favourite jeans with an appropriate footwear pick needn’t be an unmanageable task. Just follow our simple guide to picking shoes to wear with jeans, and you’ll be putting your best foot forward in no time.

Styling shoes with jeans cheat sheet:

  • Wear a style of shoe or boot that suits the occasion
  •  If there is a style of jeans that works best for you, then match it to an appropriate shoe to complete your look
  • Cuff your jeans to add extra flair and show off your shoes (but don’t roll them more than twice, or you’ll kill the shape of your jeans)
  • Keep colour matching simple; dark shoes with dark jeans, and light shoes with light jeans – usually!

How to pick shoes and trainers to wear with jeans

How to wear trainers with jeans

It’s hard to put a foot wrong wearing jeans with trainers. It’s a streetwear staple that creates a sleek, low-profile style that works with almost any pair of jeans, except maybe the dreaded bootcut.

Lighter-coloured jeans call for lighter shades of trainers. Dark trainers with light jeans can create a dramatic contrast that draws the eye down. Lighter shades of trainers also look great with dark jeans, but you can also opt for a darker shade of sneakers to create a more balanced outfit.

How to wear high-tops with jeans

Wearing jeans with high-top trainers couldn’t be easier. Just roll those jeans up to show off your latest sneaker purchase, and you’re all set! Don’t roll your jeans more than twice, though, or the resulting thickness of the cuff will create a chunky look that will throw off your whole look.

How to wear desert boots with jeans

Ever wanted to know the difference between a desert boot and a chukka boot? It’s all in the sole. A desert boot is a chukka boot with a crepe rubber sole and typically a suede upper, as opposed to a Chukka boot, which usually has a leather upper. Regardless of their subtle differences, desert boots and chukka boots have persisted as a popular choice for casual and formal occasions for decades.

Much like high tops, wearing these boots with jeans couldn’t be simpler. Their versatility means they’ll go with anything from baggy to skinny jeans under the right circumstances. Just make sure to roll up the ankles of your jeans to show off your boots.

How to wear chunky trainers with jeans

Chunky trainers, or dad trainers as they’re otherwise known, are a hot trend at the moment. The resurgence of 90s fashion trends might have seemed unlikely to those who lived through it the first time, but big trainers, loud prints, and straighter, wider jeans look like they’re going to stick around for a while at least.

To pull off the perfect 90s dad trainer look, go for a pair of jeans that match the decade with a wider, straighter fit and a lighter, stonewash colour.

How to wear hiking boots with jeans

Wearing hiking boots with jeans can create a great workwear-inspired look, even if you’ve never done a day of hard work in your life.

To pull off the perfect casual lumberjack look, opt for a wide-legged pair of jeans to complement the chunkiness of your hiking boots. Wearing skinny jeans will create an unbalanced look that may contrast too harshly. A pair of indigo jeans with some Red Wing boots is the perfect example of this look, especially when you roll up your jeans with an oversized cuff to exude maximum vintage vibes.

Ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test? Take a look at our men’s footwear and get a new pair of shoes to match up with your wardrobe.