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It's a Nice Day for a White (Trainers) Wedding

It’s fair to say quite a few wedding traditions that once were, have now, in 2024, been tossed aside. 

Deviations from the norm are becoming the norm, and in a well received fashion too. Whether it’s due to the financials associated with many traditions, you’ve a different family dynamic, or that you simply don’t like something, there’s a number of aspects that are outdated and you shouldn’t be worried about culling!

Out with the old

Take inviting unwanted guests for example. Tradition would have it that you all of your aunties and uncles, cousins, second cousins, and even your parents friends… 

Yes, we know that sounds ludicrous! But, often because it was (yes, we’re using that word again) tradition that the bride’s parents for some, if not all, of the wedding, they got a say in the guestlist. You don’t have to invite your great-aunt Geraldine if you don’t want to!

Gifting and separation

Similarly, two traditions that have become rather outdated due to the constructs of modern day relationships are that of spending the night apart prior to the wedding and making a gift-list!

According to, “the history of couples spending the night apart began more as a result of the contractual basis of marriages than any, more satisfying, romantic notion. While the exact dates are difficult to pinpoint, it’s safe to say the tradition is closely linked to arranged marriages.”

Nowadays, a large number of couples have been living together long before they tie the knot, making the above concept rather irrelevant. The same goes for the gift-list – often this included items like crockery, kitchen utensils, or towels. When you’ve been living together for a number of years, chances are you’ll already have accumulated enough of the above, and more, so you’ll not be in need of a casserole dish, or the modern day equivalent – the Air Fryer.

It’s your day – your way…

Long story short – do what you want! It’s what makes you happy, it’s what makes you feel comfortable – and here at schuh, we’re all about feeling good in yourself, especially when it comes to your shoes – which leads us perfectly onto wedding footwear!

Here, we take a look at three reasons why you should sport a pair of sneakers (white, of course) on your wedding day!

Comfort is Queen

In reality, your going to be on your feet from early morning until, well, early morning…

Heels are killer – there’s no denying it. But, they’re also a killer on your feet! A chunky platform sneaker on the other hand – yeah, you’ll still be able to dance come 10pm!

Shoes are for life…

Probably one of the biggest pain points of a wedding and it’s associated costs are the fact it’s all for one day and one time only. Are you going to wear those extravagant wedding heels again? Chances are, the answer is no. But, will you wear a trending pair of New Balance or Nike’s? You’ll have them on the next day for sure!

Get them talking

Can you believe it? She wore trainers to her own wedding!’ If you want to make a statement, then this is definitely one way to do it. At schuh we’re massive advocates for self-expression and what better way, and time to do it, than on your wedding day!

Walk with confidence not with nerves

The stroll down the aisle can already be a rather nerve-racking one but if you ain’t a regular heel-walker, then firing this alien footwear into the mix could really introduce another unnecessary level of stress.

So, if you’re thinking of taking a slightly different trajectory when it comes to the footwear of your big day, check out our women’s trainers collection online today!

White and Pink VEJA women's trainer
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